Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hey Obama, How's that Russian "Reset" Working Out for Ya?

Sarah Palin warned in 2008 that Russia would invade Ukraine if Obama became President. For this statement, she was pounded by the liberal media as being absurd.  She's looking pretty good and Obama and his liberal media crowd are looking pretty bad. By the way, she was right about death panels in the ACA law too (see here from a Jan 2013 blog).  We need to bring back 'tar and feathers' for the real scoundrels in this country!

Speaking of repudiation, Mitt Romney was ridiculed by Obama when Romney said that "it is RUSSIA who is America's number one geopolitical foe."  Obama, like usual, twisted the truth in his campaigning by incorrectly substituting "enemy" for "geopolitical foe."  Romney was right too.

The recent invasion of parts of Ukraine by Russia makes it clear to even the most ardent Russian apologists the true nature of Putin's Russia:  it's a corrupt and evil regime. These ardent apologists include John Kerry and Barack Obama.  Today Kerry expressed today how "stunned" he is over the "incredible act of aggression" regarding Russia's blatant disregard for international law and sovereignty.   The punishment?  The US might punish Russia by canceling it's attendance at a G-8 meeting!  Oh, I'm so scared!!  He's stunned because he is an idiot.  Liberals like Obama and Kerry are intellectually deficient people who cling to incorrect liberal views because they never seem to learn the correct lessons from political OR economic history -- both in the US and in the world.  Could it be any clearer?

People like Obama inadvertently become evil because they are unable to digest reality and adjust their 'petrified' thinking due to their stubborn adherence to (repeatedly) failed world views.   In short, they can't change because they can't/won't learn.  This usually ends up hurting people -- and might even cause spilt blood.  And if you are you are President of the US and unable to see and adjust to reality, then you are a dangerous person.  Think Fidel Castro or Cristina Kirchner.  Think Hugo Chavez.  Millions are suffering right now due to their failure to change. That's why Kerry is so "stunned" by the turn of events in the Ukraine -- Liberals choose to ignore the lessons of history and fail to clearly see reality due to their petrified thinking.  This is the origin of human evil. 

This blog has frequently warned of the evil intentions of Iran, Russia and fascist Islam and we have complained of the naivete and ignorance of Obama and his liberal supporters.  With regard to Ukraine, I would compare Obama's appeasement of dictatorial leaders like the Mullahs in Iran and Putin in Russia to Neville Chamberlain dating back to the 1930s.  For his efforts, Neville Chamberlain got the invasion of Poland by Hitler and Obama is now rewarded by the invasion of Ukraine by the evil Putin. Could Iran declaring that it has a nuclear weapon be far behind? 

Below are a few quotes from some of my recent blogs that warned of the failings and naivete of this liberal administration in the foreign policy arena -- failures and naivete that (unintentionally) invite aggressive actions by evil dictators in Iran, Russia and elsewhere.  This blog has consistently warned of the dangers of electing (and re-electing) Obama (to no avail):

Obama's 2nd Term Chickens Coming Home to Roost.  September 2013

"In the foreign policy arena, the president is also reaping the rewards of his first term and it's ongoing policy of 1) alienating our traditional allies, 2) cozy-ing up to revolutionaries like Morsi [and Rouhani], 3) instead trying to forge alliances where there are no mutual interests, i.e., in Russia and Iran,  and 4) projecting weakness [by appeasement]" 

"The Russian "reset" is, now more than ever, a complete joke. Obama must be the favorite topic of jokes in the Kremlin. After Obama's stand-down in Syria, Putin is suddenly acting like the leader of free world."

"Remember in his first term when Obama unilaterally cancelled the defensive missiles negotiated by the Bush administration destined for Czech Republic and Poland?  Obama did it without any concessions from Russia.  We gave them away for free when Russia hated those missiles.  Snubs of Obama and America came from Putin came just days later when Putin declared that he wasn't going to support Obama on Iran sanctions."

I'm sure the Polish and the Czech people wish that they had those missiles now that Russia's knocking on the door in nearby Ukraine.

US Foreign Policy Weakness Bears Bitter Fruit.  September 2012

"How about that thug Putin working out more "flexibility" (off microphone) with Obama behind the scenes as he clamps down further on human rights, murders political enemies both in Russia and outside and sees himself as President for life?   Obama tossed Poland and the Czech Republic under the bus to appease Putin.  The result??   A big fat goose egg.  Putin still supports the horrible, murderous Assad and the horrible murderous Mullahs in Iran.  And anyone that disagrees with him can go to jail!   Just ask the "Pussy Riot" girls.  Russia opposes everything that America wants and stands for and has done so for 70 years.

The Next Disaster: Dismantling Sanctions on Iran. November 2013

"So now, after years of Iran lying about their nuclear program (and everything else), the notable silence of our administration in any kind of support of Iranian students during the brutal crack-down and murder of student protests in 2009, the administration has decided to appease the Mullahs giving them more time for the centrifuges to spin.  Just whose side is Obama on? Is he a Muslim collaborator? "

"Just when economic sanctions had that regime 'on the ropes,' the President decides that he's going to let them off the hook. It's the worst timing possible because, for the first time in my adult life, effective sanctions were negotiated and are actually working! So just when you have leverage, Obama removes the very thing that's created the leverage! You know how it's going to work out, right?  Everyone does except Obama."

The ultimate disaster for the world will be an announcement by Iran that they have a nuclear weapon after the foolish appeasement and easing of truly effective sanctions by the Obama administration.  This will be the biggest disaster ever!  It wouldn't surprise me at all. 

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