Saturday, October 24, 2015

Netanyahu Reminds World: Arab Muslims Sat at Right Hand of Hitler

In the embedded video (also found here),  Netanyahu reminds the world that the Arab Muslims sat at the right hand of Hitler.  He implies correctly that "Palestinians" are basically Nazis.  Some quibble with his claim the Arab Muslims gave Hitler the idea of burning the Jews. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. The sure thing is that Arab Muslims were staunchly allied with Hitler and are still committed to Hitler's goal of eradicating Jews.  It's shameful and insane that much of the world is sympathetic not to Israel but to these new Nazis!

The video reminds people that Arab Muslims have a long history of killing Jews dating back to the 1920s. And in modern history, for at least the past 100 years, Arab Muslims have rejected any and every opportunity to make peace with Israel and establish their own country. Those that try to make peace with Israel, like Anwar Sadat, are murdered. Sounds like Nazi fascism to me.

Muslims today are the new Nazis: violent, fascist, supremacist, and Jew-hating. And they blame others (Jews) for their own problems.  Not to disparage every Muslim, I'm sure that there were many "nice" people in the Nazi party too. But like Nazis, nearly every Muslim dislikes/hates Jews and wishes them harm or death to them or Israel.  And many "modern" Muslims support violent methods (bombings, etc) to "defend" or promote Islamic aims and Sharia law.  Muslims still cling to a dream of an Islamic empire (caliphate) and some are pursuing this dream with shocking violence.

This is what evil looks like: people that can't change or adjust their attitudes or thinking even in light of new or evolving evidence and where their petrified thinking causes misery, death and unhappiness in persons around them.  Arab dictators who continue to support killing Jews, destroying Israel, those who kill their own people and who never change are evil. Bashar Al-Assad is evil. He's killed some 250,000 of his own people in a massive genocide. Putin, who wants to bring back the evil USSR and is backing Assad and killing even more Syrians is evil. The Mullahs in Iran are evil. the Castros are evil. Stalin was evil. To some extent, even Obama, who is so shockingly blind and willfully ignorant of facts and history and who never learns anything or accepts new evidence that he is wrong, is evil. Evil people have a chronic inability to adjust, learn and change in light of new evidence and bring suffering to people. Even entire populations, like the Palestinians, allow themselves to become evil.

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