Monday, November 2, 2015

Newsflash: Obama Administration Did Something Correct!

Well, surprise surprise! The Obama administration finally did something right! That's big news, since they have been wrong about everything for 7 years.

A few days ago, Obama announced that he won't completely abandon Afghanistan like he did in Iraq. I guess reality clubbed his thick head so hard that it finally penetrated his dumb and petrified brain. Following the US retreat from Iraq, leaving us without any influence there (all because Obama is the most failed and useless negotiator ever), Iraq went down a path of chaos as Al-Maliki substituted unqualified partisans in all the key military positions rendering their military completely and utterly incompetent (as opposed to just incompetent). ISIS erupted and spread like crazy -- kicking Iraqi soldier's butts. And ISIS has spread to every other place where the feckless US foreign-policy has failed: in Libya, Egypt and Syria.

After characterizing ISIS as the "JV" team, Obama touted how successful his drone strike program was in fighting the 'enemy' in both Iraq and Yemen. In both these cases, Obama's "strategies" soon were thoroughly and utterly discredited -- as should be the myth of his competence. Saudi had to put soldiers in Yemen. And now, Iran and Russia have stepped into into the US power vacuum in Iraq and together they are free to operate militarily in both Iraq and Syria. And what's next? Russia and Iran to "operate" in Kuwait, then Saudi Arabia? If that's not bad enough, Obama's incessant support of Iran's insane and evil Ayatollahs, the Obama administration has doggedly negotiated an agreement that gives Iran more than $100 billion to help finance this regional expansion and military adventures. This despite evidence that Iran has been violating and continues to violate this and every other agreement. All this is folly and incoherence is beyond anything ever seen on the world stage. You'd be forgiven if you ask whether Obama is really on our side. The answer to that question is very, very disturbing.

As if these failures aren't extreme enough, Obama's ludicrous program to identify and train "moderate" Syrian "rebels" resulted in only 1 or 2 persons trained and cost of $1/2 billion! Can waste of this magnitude signify some zenith of waste, incompetence and eventual collapse?  After all, such waste is widespread in every part of Big Government. Failures of Big Government really are all around us. What's needed is a total crash and burn to bankrupt the big banks and government itself. Only then can the great US political experiment be rebuilt. And a crash and burn is likely coming.

Obama's damage in the Middle East is catastrophic.  He's a one man wrecking ball in foreign policy. Come to think of it, he's a one-man wrecking ball for US domestic policy too.  Especially his assault on the US Constitutional system-- ignoring, bypassing and marginalizing Congress at every turn. He's declared himself Emperor, only he doesn't have any clothes. And NO ONE is allowed to state the obvious.

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