Saturday, January 30, 2016

Democrats Chasing Phantoms While World Burns

Why is that Democrats are constantly chasing false phantoms like climate "change" and the false claim of an unfair pay gap for women? Oh, and add the largely disproved "rape culture problem" on college campuses. Democrats are worried about Washington Redskins while they have bring this country much closer to financial ruin ($9 Trillion in new debt and absolutely nothing to show for it).

And all this while the world is falling apart and in flames, in part, because of Obama himself? Look at the Middle East where Obama has "changed sides" in supporting Iran. The social fabric in the US is in flames as Obama has tried to start a race war and a war against law enforcement resulting in increased inner-city violence and death of black persons (as in Baltimore). Or maybe they want to distract from the brewing worldwide financial crisis where China is crashing, and the US, Europe and Japan economies are sinking? Or the fact that the US economy has never really recovered since 2009?  Or that  64% of the public still says, after 7 years of Obama, the US is headed in the wrong direction?

Polls show "climate change" is the very least of our worries. And discrimination of women in the workplace is simply not true. Both are phantoms.

Democrats are obsessed by climate change even though, after 100 years, the effects are barely perceptible. Yeah, the earth has warmed 1.6 deg F and the seas have risen about 8" in the past 100 years. So, where's the imminent disaster? I don't know about you, but I'm enjoying the weather!  And there's reason to think that the earth will warm a further 1.6 deg in the next 100 years, which will probably mark the end of the hydrocarbon fuel era.  I don't care what "the models" say. Nor should you.

But, listening to idiots like Obama, you'd think we're facing imminent disaster -- just like Al Gore. Gore predicted 10 years ago: “within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point of no return” and “a true planetary emergency.” Sorry, I don't see any emergency except those caused by bankers and politicians.  And Gore is still spouting this nonsense! And he almost was President! He makes George Bush look like a genius.

In 2005 the UN predicted that, by 2010 (4 years ago), "some 50 million “climate refugees” would be frantically fleeing from those regions of the globe." There ARE millions fleeing the Middle East and North Africa, but they are fleeing collapsed economies caused by dictatorships, wars, violence and oppression, and corrosive Islam -- not climate change as our Idiot-in-Chief insists.

Obama, who apparently worships the United Nations, believes that ISIS is due to climate change! What a complete joke! ISIS came about after Obama's sudden and complete withdrawal from Iraq (against the advice of our $Trillion military) and his failure to act in Syria. And Obama's subsequent attempts to control ISIS would be a laughable joke if it  they weren't so disastrous. He still claims that he has a strategy, but no one can find it.

Obama recently claimed that the recent and laughable climate change "accord" in Paris, would "be a sharp rebuke" to ISIS. What? That he wasn't skewered thoroughly by the media for such a ridiculous statement again shows their bias. The media has been protecting him all along, from his first campaign until now, which has kept him in office and continuing his damage to our country. Shameful.

The other phony phantom is the repetition of false claims of discrimination in women's pay. There is, in fact, a 23% gap in women's pay nationwide but it's largely explained by logical reasons -- not discrimination. In fact, despite 7 years of this rhetoric, there continues to be a pay gap between men and women employees in the White House itself.

Again, rational people have long explained the pay gap. But Democrats need to keep alive myths and "causes" like this. They (and Obama) become irrelevant without them! Economist and professor Mark Perry says "the differences in raw wages may be almost entirely the result of the individual choices being made by both male and female workers.”
  • Men work longer hours,
  • Men work in more physically demanding occupations like farming, construction, roofing, logging, truck drivers and working on oil rigs,
  • Women work in family-friendly workplace environments like teaching elementary school that coincide with their children’s schedules (with summers off, etc.),
  • Men take less time off, or no time off, for child birth and child care to minimize their time away from the labor force that might affect their earnings.
So, the world's burning and Obama Democrats are obsessing about non-existent problems. Obama is like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. More accurately, he's like Neville Chamberlain with his unexplainable appeasement of the terrorists in Tehran. He's instead igniting another World War.

Politicians and Central Bankers are the biggest danger to your health and well-being, not climate change.

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