Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Democratic Bias of US Media Made Perfectly Clear

Some 93% of mainstream media 'personalities' in the US Media are Democratic; nearly all of them. That's just a fact. And any pretense of independence was thrown out the window and bias exposed, in the hatred and condemnation evident in this week's emotional, vitriolic and ad hominem media attacks on Donald Trump. Their heads blew up! They called him Hitler, fascist, etc.

Trump dared challenge the false Democratic/media narrative, led by Obama, that 99.9% of Muslims are peace loving. That is patently false -- especially abroad -- as substantial minorities support Jihad. Trump merely suggested that we temporarily halt immigration of Muslims given the attacks in San Bernardino. He also said that we should "profile" to help contain the threat.

He also blew up the false narrative that Federal employees are able to "vet" these immigrants. Today it was reported that that the woman in the San Bernardino shootings has been openly advocating for violent Jihad for years on Facebook prior to her visa approval, but the Feds are forbidden to check social media in their "vetting" process!  Incompetence, stupidity, political correctness, and absurdity is the rule for the entire Federal bureaucracy -- all the way to the top.

But their reaction shows the media for what it is -- advocates and even the propaganda arm for the Left and Democratic party. Like all Democrats, their thinking and attacks are hysterical, emotional, and irrational. They are not only unfit to govern, but unfit to report news.

You could say that Trump screwed up by not saying that we should temporarily ban immigrants from certain countries in the Middle East including Syria and most of the other predominantly Islamic middle eastern countries.  But you can't even have this conservation with screeching, deranged people -- all Democrats.  Therein lies the crux of our problem.

But Democrats don't want a conversation. They think they know everything. But the truth is that they are wrong about everything.  Obama is wrong about everything.

The only one crazier than Trump is Obama who's plan is to bring MORE Muslim immigrants and to trust our "vetting process." He and the Media are complete fools.

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