Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Trainwreck Of Black/Democrats Idiocy Continues to Run Amok

The trainwreck of the Democratic Party and their captive Black "leader's" idiocy is now running amok in this nation with their stupidity and racism taking a front and center position. Our ignorant half-black President, during his 8 year tenure, started a war on cops and a race war by automatically taking sides with black persons in their interactions with police  -- even before facts of the cases were known. Police officers across the nation have rightfully felt under attack and have stepped back in their patrols causing more black people to die as most violent crime in this country is squarely centered in black areas and committed by black men. So Obama, Holder and Lynch have black person's blood on their hands. They don't and can't see what their doing -- proving that they are entirely unfit for any responsible office. But they NEVER will see it.  These people are extremely ignorant. 

Blacks and their "leaders,"who are nearly all fools, charlatans, idiots and/or criminals, have been quick to jump on the Black Lives Matter and "Hands up, don't shoot" lies & nonsense. Both of these movements are built on proven lies. Whites are more than twice as likely to be shot by police even though blacks are committing crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate of whites!

Sworn Grand Jury witnesses and detailed forensic evidence proved that Michael Brown was charging Ferguson officer Darren Wilson when he was shot. This after Brown robbed a convenience store and attacked Wilson in his own patrol car!  Of course the Liberal media tried to make Brown some kind of hero. Black leaders were entirely sure he was a suitable martyr! The media, without any evidence whatsoever, tried to claim that Brown was a sweet young guy heading to college! The reality was that Brown was already a criminal, was fat and violent and was heading to jail-- not college. Liberal media and Democrats just make things up.

Facts are an anathema to Liberals and Democrats. Grand Jury verdicts are not respected. How is this the basis for civilized society?  It's not!

Very few black persons are capable of reasoned, rational thought in these matters. This includes our Harvard-educated President (Harvard should demand their diploma back -- IF he really has one). Instead they want uninformed mob justice like exists in the Congo and much of Africa.

Just yesterday, our "black" DOJ, led first by racist Holder and now Lynch just announced that Chicago police are racist pigs citing the fact that excessive force is used against blacks at 10 times the rate of whites.  So their war against police of all races continues. But Lynch's report doesn't state the truth that, in Chicago, Blacks are murdered 15 times more often than Whites, or that Blacks commit murders at 20 times more often than whites, or that Police are 30 times more often to be killed by a Black than by a White?  It's not much better in any other urban area with large black populations; Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Washington DC.  Black America is a royal mess! Black politicians are a royal mess! What good are Democrats??

First of all, it is extraordinary that black Americans cling to the corrupt Democratic party in the first place. The Republican party was created to eliminate slavery, it was the party of post-civil war Reconstruction in the South, and voted significantly more in support of voter rights and black civil rights in the 1960s.

It was the Democrats that brought an end to Federal troops in the South which brought a dark 100 year period which ended Reconstruction. Blacks lost Constitutional rights, lost voting rights and freedoms and were victims of Jim Crow laws that lasted until the 1960s.  Democrats are the party of the KKK. (West Virginia Democrat Robert Byrd was a KKK member for instance.)  Got that people, the Democrats are historically the party of black oppression.

The disputed election of Rutherford Hayes and Tiltden in 1876, an arrangement was made to give Hayes the Presidency but with the agreement that Federal troops would be removed from the South -- ending Reconstruction -- all to appease the Democrats in the South and their majority in the House of Representatives. Blacks voted Republican at that time and rightly felt betrayed.  It took about 100 years before civil rights were won again for black citizens following Brown vs.The Board of Education in 1954. Later, Republicans cast far more votes than Democrats to ratify civil rights laws in the 1960s.

So, the Democratic party's damage to US blacks continues to this day. "Government" is "helping" black people like they "helped" native American Indians. It's ruined them!  Money thrown at blacks to "help" them hasn't had the effect that was intended or expected. It has only brought the highest percent of single parents. highest unemployment, highest dropout rate, highest out of wedlock births. Highest instance of absent fathers. Poverty is higher than ever even after all that money spent to "help" people.  (Households with a single parents are very impoverished compared to intact families with fathers around.)  But US blacks can not see their own degraded condition or what caused it!

Because of their own blindness, US Blacks have no idea of what's good for them. Like lemmings running off a cliff, for 60 years blacks in Detroit kept electing black Democrat mayors who ran that city into the ground. Many were prosecuted by the FBI. After Detroit's bankruptcy, white lawyers under a Republican governor essentially took over. Detroit is the "crown jewel" of black Democratic party incompetence.

The black idiocy and racism continues today by supposedly sophisticated blacks like Corey Booker, Obama, and John Lewis. Like most Democratic party issues, they believe in things that are untrue. Efforts by Booker to call Trump's DOJ nominee Jeff Sessions a racist is very unfair and untrue. Sessions, as DA in Alabama prosecuted KKK members.  In reality, Sessions is more like Atticus Finch in the award-winning story "To Kill A Mockingbird." Atticus Finch was a high-integrity white lawyer who defended a black client in the story. In reality, principled and high-integrity people (Republicans) like Atticus Finch (and Jeff Sessions) became high level judges or prosecutors in the South and helped transform justice in the South. Sessions used to be praised by black leaders in recent years and decades. In fact, Booker was singing Session's praises only two years ago!  So, this public disrespect to Sessions was to appeal to their ignorant constituents?  Very phoney, very disrespectful, very deceitful and dishonest! What a transparent charade of lies! And Booker thinks this will help him?  How dumb is this nigga? Or how dumb are his constituents? (hint; very).

The trainwreck of black and Democratic Party ignorance and destruction continues in this country. John Lewis, black and increasingly irrational Democrat Congressmen, has called Trump's landslide electoral win "illegitimate" due to DNC leaks which reveals that Democrats are a bunch of scumbags and liars. I guess Lewis doesn't want facts to be revealed. Facts are pesky things.

From Paul Craig Roberts: "Trump made it clear that he stands for every American, black, brown, and white. Little doubt his declaration of inclusiveness will be ignored by the haters on the left who will continue to call him a racist just as the $50 per hour paid protesters are doing as I write.

Black and hispanic leaders need victimization, because it is what elevates them to power and income. They will turn a jaundiced eye toward Trump’s inclusiveness. Inclusiveness is good for blacks and Hispanics, but not for their leaders."

The final straw in the destruction of the Democratic Party would be to install radical Keith Ellison as DNC chair. Then the Democratic Party would become the party of the worse parts of Black America, not the other 87% of the country. I hope it happens!  It's fitting that they will willingly commit suicide.

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Anonymous said...

Great post, Doug! All career politicians are looking out for themselves - first and foremost. This would include all the hollow clergy like Jackson and Sharpton. Two of the finest grifters of all time. Trump was correct in pointing out to John Lewis that his district needs help - but of course it's not going to come from John who is too busy burnishing his own image. Chicago is being helped by the former Obama henchman, Rahm and his band of vindictive and criminal city staff. I hope Trump quickly puts out the Black Lives Matter candle and replaces it with the much needed Blues Lives Matter torch.