Thursday, September 21, 2017

Are Muslims Bad People?

When is a group's reputation deserved?  Is it unfair to generalize about a group of people due to the actions of a minority?

Are Muslims bad people?   

Sadly, the evidence is that Muslim communities across the world are causing nothing but strife and murder wherever they are found. They don't seem to be able to get along with either themselves or anyone else. 

For example, even though Muslims are an extremely small portion of Thailand's population (<2%), there's been over 4500 murders of Buddhists by the Muslim minority in Southern Thailand since 2004 alone. And Thailand is a peaceful, prosperous and tolerant place -- except in these Southern provinces. No tourist wants to go there!  Eventually, you'll hear MSM complain about "genocide" when Thai authorities finally drive these people out. How many thousands of dead bodies will it take before the Thai army loses their mind over this problem and they lash out at this group?  

Backlash and possibly genocide against Muslims is occurring right now in Myanmar--Thailand's neighbor. This week alone, normally peaceful Myanmar Buddhists are chasing 100s of thousands of Rohingya Muslims out of their country due to clashes and violence with this small (<4%) minority. This violence and strife has been going on there for 100+ years. 

There has been a murderous Islamic insurgency in Mindanao in Southern Philippines for many decades. This week alone in the Philippines, some 24,000 Muslims are being displaced by Philippine military action against Jihadists in Mindanao.  Even Indonesia had a war against Aceh's Muslim fundamentalists until the 2004 tsunami wiped out about 300,000 of these people in Medan, Aceh. Only then was there an peace accord.

Speaking of just this week, Muslim murderers have killed 273 people and injured 259 in 14 countries -- all in the name of their God and religion.  This from TheReligionOf Peace website.

The murderous ISIS has been running rampant in the Middle East and now N. Africa causing mayhem and murder there and now in Europe. Sorry Obama, these people see themselves as the standard-bearer of Islam whether you see it or not. Europe has seen some 35 major Islamic terrorist attacks in the past year alone despite Europe's well-meaning effort to provide refuge to Muslim Arabs fleeing the failed economies and cultures in the Middle East and North Africa. These refugees will bring their failed ideas and ruin Europe. It's a clash of civilization that is entirely avoidable. Absurd, politically correct fools in Europe are responsible. Political correctness causes death!!

Muslims are the epicenter of religious violence across the world. Since 2001 alone, world-wide there have been about 250,000 Islam-inspired murders and another estimated 250,000 wounded from Jihadi attacks (a total which excludes war-related deaths). That equates to ~2 million deaths per century--NOT including wars! The entire history of Islam is full of violence and murder

Muslims are full of terrible and ignorant ideas that bring nothing but misery and death to themselves and those around them.  Most of Arab/Muslim regions in the Middle East and North Africa are now in a cultural and political collapse. This collapse is due to their failed Muslim/Arab culture, their beliefs, their bad ideas, their self-imposed poor education (emphasis on religious education) -- all of which is causing chronically failed economies and tyrannical leaders. "Islam" is nearly synonymous with failed countries and cultures.

One of their biggest problems with them is that there are often motivated and violent minorities within Muslim communities that believe in violence as a means of advancing their agenda or conflict resolution. And yes, their scripture, the Quran, has plenty of passages that justify "wiping out" infidels (anyone else) as a means to an end. Even today, middle east Muslims are actively wiping-out Christians in that region--continuing centuries of war against both Christianity and Judaism. Don't forget that nearly every Muslim country is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and all the Jews.

Hatred of Jews and even Christians is part of their religion and has been since it's inception since it's supported by their Qu'ran.  Remember that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem sat at the right hand of Hitler in WWII.  

And wherever there is Jew-hatred there is gay-hatred. ISIS has been throwing suspected gay people to their deaths off of tall buildings ignoring any kind of due process or anything else that might be called civilized. 

Another integral part of their ideology is their belief in "conquering" and dominating the world by creating an Islamic dominated Caliphate (of misery). I lived in Jakarta in 2007 and saw an entire football stadium full of "mainstream" Indonesians celebrating this belief. Islam is a supremacist (and bigoted) ideology.

And for every violent Jihadi attack, there are brothers, sisters, mothers or others that know what is about to happen, but they never inform authorities. And very rarely does anyone in this religion speak out forcefully against the violence caused by their own community. Muslims are really today's modern day Nazi party.  And there were plenty of "nice" or "good" people in the Nazi party too, so don't kid yourself.

There is so much wrong with this group.  Muslims are full of bad ideas that cause poverty, unhappiness and violence in their communities.  Their inability or refusal to reform or change makes them bad people. They have been bad people for a VERY long time.

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