Sunday, March 11, 2018

Marshall Law is Necessary to Drain the Swamp

President Trump should enlist the military to drain the swamp.  Congress won't be able to do ANYTHING since the Dems are in 100% obstruction/resistance mode. Democrats are ignoring Congressional subpoenas.

The degree of corruption in Washington, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 12.  Nothing is working properly in Washington with the possible exception of Devin Nunes and his committee. We can't even trust the Judicial system as so many appointees are Hillary-loving, Obama-loving political hacks. We don't have ANYTHING functioning in Washington.  The vast majority of the "deep-state" in Washington (mostly Democrats) is committed to the treasonous removal and reversing the Constitutional election of Trump.  Hostile establishment Republicans are dropping out of Congress like flies leaving Trump with a core but impeachment-proof Republican support.

The military is the only institution in the US that has ANY credibility remaining. Perhaps this is why President Trump has relied on so many military men in his administration. Maybe that's on purpose?

Here's where we stand today, from my recent post Is the US a Failed State?:
Before and after the election, Democrats have used extensive propaganda, fake polls, fake "dossiers," fake news and/or fake allegations by every "talking head" to get rid of Trump. Since the election, they put nearly all of their eggs in the "Russian Collusion" basket--trying to paint Trump as a traitor who used Russia influence to defeat Hillary. This despite no specific "smoking gun" allegations---only lies (propaganda) from Brennan, Clapper, Powers, Rice, Obama, Hillary, Comey and basically every Democrat. The Democrats demanded and got a special prosecutor to "investigate" their bullshit allegations, all to try to depose Trump.
None of these people care one iota about the welfare of this country or any of the largely helpful Trump agenda for which the PEOPLE voted. The truth is that they don't want any reform to improve the country!

But the whole thing has been a massive and phony charade. The entire Russia collusion allegation was based on a made-up "opposition research" called the Trump Dossier, which, when released, was immediately debunked as it contained obvious inaccuracies. The DNC and Hillary campaign paid $6 or $9 million for this pile of shit (which should prove once and for all that every one of these people should be nowhere near public office or public money!!) Then the hopelessly compromised (and criminal?) Comey used it as a basis to start this whole Russia witch hunt and start the extensive surveillance of the Trump campaign which led to the illegal unmasking of this surveillance by the lying Obama administration. The media went with this fake story too.
It gets worse and even more treasonous. Now we know that Hillary, the DNC and all of her allies in positions of power in the FBI and everywhere else, were the ones in fact colluding with Russians to sell strategic US uranium assets to the Russians for bribes. Then they all colluded to cover-up the whole thing.

Hillary, Obama, Comey, Robert Mueller, Rosenstein and the entire top echelon of the FBI and Obama administration were all part of or knowledgeable about this bribery scheme. Now these same scumbags, Rosenstein and Mueller, are leading this outrageous and treasonous effort to oust Trump?!

So Hillary (and others) got huge money from the Russians; all while she held public office. And it has put the US in a precarious position of having to import 90% of our uranium to power our nuclear industry. How is this not TREASON?
This is the stuff of political and cultural collapse. If we have political/cultural collapse, then we will likely have economic collapse. It's THAT bad.

I propose that Trump invoke a limited Marshall Law emergency to bring in the military and military police to handle the corruption at the FBI and DOJ. With the Marshall Law declaration, military police could seize control of both the DOJ and FBI by locking down these entities, lock down the computers and servers, and begin to question all of the top echelon of these departments. Everything would be locked down for investigation and for evidence.

And people like Hillary, Obama, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, Podesta, Brennan, Clapper, Adam Schiff and McCain should be arrested for Treason and other crimes and sent to Guantanamo for military trials. I think George Soros needs to arrested too. Although I prefer firing squads, I would settle for extensive prison sentences at Guantanamo.  I think Trump should, for starters, also arrest Jerry Brown and the mayor of Oakland, CA who are all brazenly committed to obstructing Federal Law---to make an example of them.

The current Status Quo can not stand.  If Trump does what I propose, he'll go down in history as the 2nd Abraham Lincoln -- who similarly saved the union.
The comparison to Lincoln would also be fitting as Lincoln's first year approval rating was estimated at 25% approval. All evidence is that Lincoln was hated, denigrated and as widely condemned as Trump was in his first year

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