Saturday, March 31, 2018

Homogeneous Cultures Are Peaceful; "Diversity" is a Disaster

Homogeneous populations are peaceful. "Diverse" populations are not peaceful but full of strife and conflict.  Diversity is never a good idea. It is in fact the cause of most of the world’s conflicts: Shia and Sunni, Jew and Arab, Hutu and Tutsi, Tamil and Sinhalese, Hindu and Muslim and, in America, black, white, and brown. "Diversity" is now causing of the dissolution of America AND Europe is next.

Wise countries like Korea and Japan have a long-standing understanding that a homogeneous culture preserves peace and relative tranquility. And it continues to work very well even today. They don't have any race riots or religious wars or any discord of one group getting welfare benefits and another grouping paying for the benefits. They have one dominant culture that includes everyone.

The US also used to be very homogeneous because US immigration policies historically preferred white, English-speaking and Christian northern Europeans for nearly our entire history. (Yes, a good amount of Asian migration too.) All of that worked beautifully because we imported people: 1) from the same highly evolved culture, 2) that are competent adults with high levels of median intelligence, 3) that have high or even unrivaled academic, moral and educational standards and achievements, 4) possess good creativity and intelligence driving huge prosperity, 5) that hold similar religious views with similar ethical traditions and a strong work ethic. For theses reasons and for most of our history, there was no state welfare system as families, local and faith communities, and local and state governments were all competent in taking care of their own. And economic freedom was so great that certain highly competent entrepreneurs (all white men) built-out our nation's entire industrial economy and infrastructure employing millions. The US government was small enough to be irrelevant.

It used to be that local communities where allowed to persist unmolested complete with various community standards --otherwise known as freedom. Kids in West Virginia went to high school during hunting season with a shot gun mounted in their trucks so they could hunt after school. Nothing like that existed in Boston or New York.

Then the Liberal Left and their activist courts intervened. Suddenly Christmas manger scenes or prayers were not allowed. The Ten Commandments can't be displayed in public buildings without challenges from insane Leftists. Homosexuality, which was quietly tolerated, is now taught to our kids at our schools (whether parents want it or not), Blacks were forced to co-exist with Whites through court-ordered desegregation.

Desegregation of previously peaceful but poor and exclusively black communities forced black kids into white high schools where 90+% can not compete with white kids. On average, Black kids are literally at the bottom of academic achievement compared to other students. Very few can perform proficiently at 12th Grade high school level. Most Blacks are not graduating from high schools leaving them with few legitimate options in our de-industrialized economy. It isn't working!  It's not changing either. You're not even "allowed" to talk about any of this.

Then in the US, the Left and Globalists allowed mass immigration of relatively uneducated, often illiterate and unskilled, non-English speaking Latinos with no financial means to come in massive numbers with all the problems that come with that---the welfare of our nation or affected communities be damned.  Of course every one of our laws governing immigration were ignored and broken. All of these people came seeking work, not holidays.  And seeking work lawfully requires work permits which, in turn, requires some evidence that the migrant can do something that native-born Americans can't do. This is true in every country in the world including the US.  I can't go to any country in the world and just settle-in or work. To immigrate to another country and work  requires that I apply in advance and show that I have financial means or a job arranged, provide a CV to show that I have desirable skills that local people in the host country don't have,  provide a police report from my home country, medical certifications and other bureaucratic hurtles.  It all must be done in advance. 

Every country on earth enforces these similarly strict rules of immigration for work or any kind of residency permissions EXCEPT stupid America. Instead in dumbass America we allow masses of people into our country who often have little to offer our country. Worse, our economy is not creating enough jobs for anyone. All this devastation to secure votes and give corporations cheap labor. I don't blame Latinos for taking advantage of our idiocy.

First generation Latino immigrants are in a somewhat better situation than native blacks as their cultural roots and family structure are much more intact. But what's never discussed is that subsequent Latino generations, where more than half don't graduate from US high schools, many turn to gangs, and illicit, criminal activity similar to ghetto blacks. The resulting black and brown ghettos are immature, uncultured, depraved, violent, primitive and basically have no place in our previously advanced civilization. Isn't diversity wonderful?

Thanks to pricks like Obama and cunts like Hillary Clinton, suddenly half our country has REALLY lost it's mind as militant Blacks, Latinos, Lesbians and various other "victims" have taken control of the Democratic Party. Now white men are under attack as the source of societies ills (also called "projection" in psychological terms). White boys and men are now supposed to become de-masculinized or they are "too white"as claimed by incredibly ignorant minorities. Females, gays and transsexuals are approved for combat duty whether it's well-advised or not. What is good for the country or military is irrelevant. Only propagating various unproven, false and nonsense memes matter ---a kind of mass insanity  These people are obsessing about and told that they can select their gender and sexual identity at will as if it were some kind of smorgasbord. All of this because the now hijacked Democratic party and the Left are profoundly ignorant, disconnected from knowledge of our cultural roots and our Judeo-Christian heritage, our history, science, psychiatry or any other facts. These ignoramuses are running rampant tearing down anything that they don't like or understand. And if you present them with facts, they want to shut you up.  What's missing from all this?  REALITY!

Ah, the fruits of "diversity."

The Left will never get it because they are utterly stupid and ignorant of, history, logic or facts. They just want to act on "feelings." They are desperate to create what they believe should be. But everything they believe is wrong! They are very disrespectful people. They hate America, they hate everything that is good and wholesome in this country and they hate anyone that disagrees with them.  They are the stupidest people on earth because they never listen and never learn. No one can tell them anything. They will never see that their agenda, including diversity, is a disaster.  They must be driven from our courts, the government, the media and must be driven from anywhere where they have power over other people by force if necessary. The Left IS the disaster.


OilFieldExecutive said...

Absolutely Outstanding Spot On!!! We have to get your writing on the same world stage as Kunstler!!! Other Conservative writers /Conservative Commentators!!!! And I am dead ass serious!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm liberal and I have to say, we aren't all like that. I try my best to acknowledge reality. I don't want Muslim immigrants to ever come here. Islam is incompatible with our civilization--as a gay man, believe me, I am well aware of Islam's horrors. I don't want those people here.

Likewise, your writings have convinced me that blacks are not equal to other races intellectually. Their low IQ's lead to poverty, which leads to crime. We shouldn't take more of them into this country. And while we should treat Black Americans with the same respect as other Americans, part of treating them with respect is acknowledging their limitations. They should be directed toward trades and physical labor, not higher education. They should not be voting or be politicians--they are not capable of doing either well. Their race needs to be shepherded by other races.

Plus, our country is populated enough (more than 300 million), we really don't need anyone immigrating here anymore. We are a lifeboat that is being swamped by the drowning. Europe has learned that the hard way.

Oh, and though I obviously don't have a problem with gays in the military, I do question women in combat positions and transsexuals in the military. I want to base that off data, not political correctness. Will women in combat endanger more lives than they'll save? Will transsexuals ongoing medical needs (hormones) inhibit them from safely doing their job?

Doug said...

Thanks for your amazing comments. I take exception only to your comment that poverty causes crime. There's truth to that, but I've seen many countries with widespread poverty that do not have high crime. Desperate poverty might appear to lead to desperate measures, but many poor countries in SE Asia have built-in cultural and social structures to prevent that. So, there is little crime despite poverty (like Laos, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam). Africa does not have that. In a way, they have minimal civilization.

I've worked in Muslim countries, mostly in Indonesia and most are "nice" but I've seen a football stadium rallies full of "nice" people who are campaigning for a worldwide Islamic caliphate --which would be imposed on foreign lands taken-over and over-populated by Muslims --like Muslims widely did 1000 years ago which started the Crusades to drive the Muslims out. We know the modern result of such a thing as this by looking at mostly collapsed countries/cultures of the Arab/Muslim Middle East and North Africa --- full of tyrants, oppression and full of so many young people due to high birth rates with economies that don't work at all and no jobs or opportunities. That's why so many fled to Europe in the past year after Merkel opened the floodgates. (Should oil prices really collapse, the REST of the Middle East countries, not currently in chaos, will collapse.) ( Many of these "nice" people are taught from birth that other religions are really the enemies, especially Jews! And where there is Jew-hatred, there is gay-hatred and other hated categories. Remember, there were many "nice" people in the Nazi party too. Substantial minorities of Muslims outside the US and Canada believe in violence to "defend" their religion. I've written blog posts about that. Maybe you've seen them. It just takes 10 to 30% of a population --with very bad ideas and practices-- to ruin the whole bunch.

Everyone of us must be realistic about our talents, skills and intelligence. In our radical PC world, people are being told that they should expect something that's just not realistic. It creates a lot of unhappiness.

I've worked and lived in SE Asia and these people are happy in the knowledge that they are not in the same league as the Westerners in the US and Europe and they know that have a long way to go to match our accomplishments. And that realism is a source of happiness---as they are all in the same boat (because homogeneous cultures are happy). There's no resentment, just admiration and curiosity. Blacks in America are so angry and unhappy for many reasons, but White people aren't their problem now (yes, they used to be, but that changed). One problem is that you'll never be happy if you see yourself as a victim. And Democrats continue to tell black persons that they are victims, but it's just not true and it creates unhappiness and even violence. Everyone of us has had to overcome "prejudice" of some kind (too short, not smart enough or too nerdy, too bald, too gay, etc). But we just have to move on and get over it despite that bullshit. In no way should we fall into "victim-hood." It's the end of our progress!

Incidentally, there was an experimental genius sperm bank created in the 70s so that women could choose sperm from very intelligent and highly athletic people who had very special talents --some Nobel laureates. There was huge interest. Lisa Ling did a documentary and interviewed offspring who had genius genes. It was VERY interesting.

OK, thanks for your comments. Thanks for reading.

Have a great week and weekend. Please feel free to contact me at

Thanks again. Doug

Anonymous said...

You're a great writer, Doug! So far I've read five of your articles and I'm about to read another one! I live in a very "diverse" city, which means whites and Asians are paying the bills, and that blacks are causing tremendous problems, and ruining the entire city. Blacks as a group are a cancer on society.