Sunday, April 1, 2018

Diversity is a Disaster: European Edition

Western countries are in the grip of "globalist" idiot-leaders who want "diversity"-- meaning they want to erase borders and foolishly allow mass migration of peoples who are very or totally different in culture, median intelligence, language and religion into previously homogeneous cultures. I discuss this in my blog post "Homogeneous Cultures Are Peaceful: Diversity is a Disaster."

Whereas "protecting" and "promoting" blacks is one major effort of US Leftists, in Europe the most desperate propaganda and totalitarian methods are designed to "protect" and remediate the horrible reputation of the hordes of Muslim invaders that have been allowed to surge into Europe from their own failed countries.

Islam's terrible reputation is well-deserved. Their 1400 year history is full of violence and murder and it continues today with at least a dozen violent war zones occurring today around the world. Islam is much more than a religion, it's also a political movement -- really the modern day Nazi Party. They are taught to hate Jews, gays and anyone or any culture who is not Islamic. And like Nazis, they are fanatics and supremacists. This is so despite the fact that every majority Muslim country or community is either a complete failure, or nearly so. But that's why millions are fleeing into Europe: the entire Arab/Muslim culture in the Middle East is in collapse. Their "culture"is generally a massive failure with a few exceptions in Asia.

Most people, except Leftists, can see that Muslims are not even remotely compatible with liberal democracy yet this population is being championed, protected and coddled by Western Leftists who are blind to their considerable evil (including Obama). This is true even after some 35 Islamic terrorist attacks have already plagued Europe in the last 18 months alone! A smaller number of Islamic attacks have occurred in the US as well.

Only a handful of European elites have allowed this to happen, and no one else was or is given a choice or a vote.

The poster child of this idiotic fantasy and ignorance is Sweden's Leftist leader's policy of importing Arab and North African Muslims. This insane policy continues despite massive evidence that they are creating a huge cultural disaster. Leftists are stubborn, stupid people who are immune to any facts and reality that conflicts with their insane ideas. These people have essentially ruined Sweden and they must be driven from office and power by force if necessary.

This disaster is best described by a Swede:
"Sweden is in the process of destroying a civilization that took 1,000 years to build. It floods its cities with aliens who dislike the food and climate, feel uncomfortable with the taciturn, reserved Swedes around them, mostly cannot work for months or years for language reasons, and end up festering in angry and unemployment-plagued parallel societies in the suburbs. I don’t care what the stats are made to say. What I know is this. When I first stayed in Sweden, three decades ago, crime of any kind was a rarity. When I last stayed there, a few years ago, it was a daily occurrence. I don’t need BRAA reports to know that everything in Sweden has changed. You name it: murder, non-fatal shootings and stabbings, burglary, rape, rioting, vandalism, molestation, benefit swindling: all of these things are now daily occurrences in large parts of most cities, and in nearly all of Malmo. In cities, young women do not dare to go out alone at night. That’s a banal observation that hides an awful truth: Sweden has lost the most valuable thing any society can have: civic trust. For decades Swedes could trust strangers to do the right thing. Well, they can’t any more. In fact, a lot of them simply avoid certain parts of town, and look away from certain faces. That too is new. The old Sweden—the real Sweden--never really had places you could not feel safe in. But thanks to mass immigration, all that has gone, as it has gone in our country too."
This sort of unvarnished truth is hard to come by as there as a Political Correctness totalitarianism that has descended on Europe (and Sweden) by Leftist elites -- designed to manipulate the masses and hide even the most obvious truths such as the disaster of Muslim migration. And opposing opinions must be stifled by highly propagandized media messages and totalitarian "hate" laws --which are massively abused (as should be expected).  Orwell's 1984 is now a reality in Europe. A similar effort is underway in America too as the hand-full of corporate media outlets have turned into just massive liars and propagandists.

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OilFieldExecutive said...

Any day we are going to be watching the news and a “Emergency News Broadcast” will cut in. As it cuts in and you hear a newsman voice trying to speak and he is doing so in a extremely frantic and scared tone, the scene will show the Swiss flag being lowered on the Capital and the black Isis flag being run up and scenes of the Swiss Army locked in tight in a bloody war battle with thousands of fanatic evil possessed PIECES OF MUSLIM SCUM. And the screaming voice of a Imam saying, SWEDEN HAS FALLEN WE NOW OCCUPY SWEDEN ITS OUR COUNTRY!!!! SHARIA LAW WILL NOW RULE SWEDEN. As the battle between the Swiss Army and Black Clad Wearing Muslims Rages. Make no mistake about this. This is coming. It is. The nearly all female!!! Ultra hard left feminist Government has destroyed a 1000 year old GORGEOUS BUCOLIC COUNTRY AND ITS CULTURE!!!