Saturday, August 25, 2018

Armstrong: Even US Judicial System Hopelessly Corrupted

I've asked if America is a failed state.  And I also noted during the 2016 election season that the Deep State Democrats were already engaging in a Coup d'Etat against Trump and his candidacy.  All those comments have "aged" very well indeed. This seditious and treasonous Coup efforts continue to this day.  I believe that Trump will have to declare a National Emergency or some form of Marshall Law to clean up our government.  Sadly, the damage is extreme, the corruption is so extensive that it might be better to burn down the entire government and start all over.  We really do need a 2nd American Revolution.

Everything is hopelessly broken in government and nothing is fixed. Nothing and no one can change it. If an outsider like Trump manages to get elected, he or she will get hounded out of office. That's what we are seeing.  Even the US judicial system is hopelessly corrupted where prosecutors have massively unfair advantage against ANY MAN. And since it's likely that all of us have committed felonies since there are so many fuzzy legal statutes, we're all only one step away from being railroaded into oblivion by an aggressive prosecutor. None of us are safe in our corrupt system. And none of us have the resources to fight the government and it's unlimited resources. Just ask any black man! Just ask Trump!!

Take Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer.  He's being forced to "confess" to "crimes" in a plea deal written entirely BY THE PROSECUTOR or else he'll be locked away for the rest of his life.  All this thanks to the angry, corrupt Democrats: Mueller's fake investigations and fake allegations built on fake dossiers and fake FISA warrants!  All this to overthrow the Constitutional election of Donald J. Trump. Am I in the old Soviet Union??  No, this is our failed-state America where lies are built on top of lies by professional liars to mislead everyone.

Here's Martin Armstrong's take on Cohen's case and the lessons contained therein:

"Lanny Davis is the attorney representing Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen. Here is a lesson in legal wordsmithing. This attorney Mr. Davis cleverly avoids any direct answer and the press does not even understand his answer. He specifically states that Cohen did not plead in his own word, that the prosecutors wrote the script to which he has to plead or go to jail for decades. He keeps saying (listen closely) that the “prosecutors are saying” to which Cohen “agreed” under oath. The oath part is absolutely absurd for 97 percent of ALL federal convictions plead to whatever the prosecutor tells them to say. If you do not, you go to prison for most of your life. In the 1970s, the conviction rate was 72%. Today, it is 98.7%. Whatever someone says in a plea deal is NEVER the truth. It is what the prosecutor demands you say. This is no different from the Spanish Inquisition. Over 11 million people are arrested every year and less than 4% of the people in federal prison are even there for violence. (full interview)

The conviction rate in Federal Court has EXCEEDED the most notorious court in history where you were determined to be a Jew under Hitler, which had a 90% conviction rate. So the American “just-us” system has beaten even Adolf Hitler. The Spanish Inquisition was notorious for torture. If you refused to plead, you were tortured until you did or you died in the process. The records are by no means complete. One study found that of 44,674 cases, there were 826 executions of people burned alive. The problem was simple. Once convicted, they took all your property.

Today, the United States extracts pleas from people with MENTAL TORTURE. You face 100 years in prison or you plead. They subjected people at Guantanamo Bay to “waterboarding” and NOTHING they ever do will any judge call it torture. During the war in Iraq, both the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency were engaged in torturing people. They violated human rights of the detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. These violations included both physical and sexual abuse, torture, rape, sodomy, and murder. If it were not for a leak of photos, they would never have been caught. The propaganda is always America wears the white hat and would NEVER violate human rights – good one! When judges are former prosecutors appointed by Congress, there will NEVER be any independent checks and balances. They all work for the same team.

The land of the free, home of the brave, and justice for all is now just propaganda. Lanny Davis is against Trump personally and that should be no surprise. He even stated in his interview he wouldNOT represent Cohen unless he flipped against Trump. Claiming that money was given to these two women that were above campaign limits is really a stretch. If Trump paid him personally, it was not campaign funds. This is really a desperate measure on the part of the prosecutors in this case working to feed Cohen to Muller where he will say now whatever they tell him.

This is all about refilling the swamp. It DOES NOT MAKE it a crime just because Cohen pleads. It is only a crime when a jury renders that verdict. This is the Deep State conniving to take down Trump with every trick in the book. They hate him because he is an OUTSIDER. If Putin were to be able to interrogate American intelligence officers who may have been involved with Safra to take over Russia when he stated it was about Russia’s “sovereignty” then the Deep State would be exposed. They will do whatever it takes to prevent the truth ever to surface.

Just listen closely and you will here Lanny Davis states that it is the “prosecutors” who wrote the script and his client “agreed” under “oath” just like the Spanish Inquisition. You will also hear in the full interview Davis say he was personally offended as was Cohen with Trump agreeing with Putin. This is an all-out war to drive Trump from office and to cover up what has been going on behind the scenes. What are they so desperate to protect?"

Doug here once again:  Is there anything about this country left to save? 

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