Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Free Speech is a Crime in Europe

From Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News.   (Also see my posts Orwell's 1984 Fully in Effect in EuropeDiversity is a Disaster: European Edition and The Left are Fascists and Nazis.)

French intellectual Renaud Camus has been given a 2 month suspended prison sentence for saying that mass immigration into Europe represents an “invasion.”

Camus will only avoid jail by paying 1800 euros to two “anti-racist” organizations, SOS Racisme and the LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism).

The writer, who is the author of Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement), was charged with “public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.”

The conviction stems from a November 2017 speech in Colombey-les-deux Eglises to the National Council of European Resistance in which Camus declared, “Immigration has become an invasion.”

“The irreversible colonization is demographic colonization, by the replacement of the population,” said the author, adding, “The ethnic substitution, the great replacement, is the most important event in the history of our nation since it has existed; as with other people, if the story continues, it will not be that of France.”

Camus also called for a “national consensus of resistance” to oppose Islamization in “the struggle for the salvation of our common civilization, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Greek-Latin, Judeo-Christian.”

The part of Camus’ speech that specifically garnered the attention of judges was when he talked about European people being replaced.

Camus said mass immigration “is the substitution, the tendency to substitute everything with its emulator, normalized, standardized, interchangeable: The original with its copy, the authentic with its imitation, the true with the false, the mothers with surrogate mothers, the culture with free time and entertainment.”

France suffers Islamic terror attacks on such a routine basis that it’s barely even an important news story anymore. Many of those terrorists are radicalized by mosques that escape any police scrutiny, but Camus must be punished for his crime of opinion.

And there you have it. Free speech is now a crime in France.

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OilFieldExecutive said...

Thank you for posting this!!!! you can be rest assured that I will be spreading this like I do all your other excellent postings over on FASCISTBOOK/TWATTER/CENSORTUBE ETC ETC. And I know for a fact that this article is 100% true. Years ago when I was an officer in the US Merchant Marines I made good lifelong friends with couples that lived in England Scotland Germany and Norway. Darlington England, Glasgow & Dundee Scotland. / Tromso & Trondheim Norway.

Bremen & picture perfect, I do mean picture perfect Wurzburg, Dinkelsbuhl/ Lindau All in Germany. If anyone will simply google all 3 of these towns they will quickly come to see why they deserve the different titles that they have. The towns as you walk them look like they were painted by Norman Rockwell. 100% ULTRA CLEAN, And these are considered or would be considered here in America middle income. But all are 100% GERMAN WHITE TOWNS. but I digress a little.

The point I was getting at is this. Way before the Internet and we had the use of cheap phone usage by SKYPE and GO TO MEETING.COM I stayed in touch with my friends by telephone. And over my 24 year sea-going career I made many many trips to all these places. Thank God for the Internet because it’s so much cheaper to talk on Skype with all of them. And all of them in all the different towns have told me this. Permit me to paraphrase all my friends.

“ Eddie all that you see on Breitbart and other websites about what is happening here is completely true. Not only in Sweden, but here in all the towns in Scotland/Germany England especially, Single women no longer go out at night to the pubs. The days of what it was like when you and all of us would have a Lager at the pubs, is over. In towns with a sizable Muslim population.

None of us was allowed to vote on this. We didn’t ask for this. We are as afraid as we are disgusted. The leaders are not affected because like in America the places they love, it is still 1950. All white in there enclaves, there all white gated communities. The reason they want to do away with the white population here in all the different countries is because the leaders know the Population that replaces us Germans / Scots/ Englishmen / Norwegians etc those people will not feel the allegiance to the country.

They will not know what it’s like to be a Norwegian or a German or a Scotsman. Just because they are born in Germany does not make them German. It does not make them a Norwegian. The same in America. As you tell us how the Mexicans that can speak excellent English, yet in groups they will speak there native tongue instead of AMERICAN, English.

To them they are still Mexican first in an American citizen last. It’s the same here. They are still a Muslim 1st, German or Norwegian 2nd=last. Even our young boys no longer go out by themselves to play ball at our public parks, because of the fear of being raped by black Muslim youth young Muslims. And that is one of the large crimes as you told us that they don’t even talk about on your Fox News. Well they don’t here. And it happens so much Eddie!!! and our media will lie! When one is caught after doing it they will not tell the truth on our news or in our papers. They will say things like this!!

“A young Boy was accosted by an older male” when they need to say “a 12 year old German boy was raped last night by a Muslim male!!”
And not just Sweden, which has become the rape capital country in all of Western Europe, but so many of our towns in different European Countries have become rape capitals. It’s appalling. Beyond disgusting. It has changed our entire, way of life. You stayed here more than long enough to know what going out means to European. It’s not like in America were young men and women go out to hook up, to meet, have sex. Here it has always been a social event. ”