Monday, December 28, 2020

Kimble Charting: Commodities Breaking Out of 5 Year Consolidation?

 A few days ago, I offered a take on some investment ideas to take advantage of a US dollar that may drop another 20 to 40% in my post "The US Dollar is Being Devalued--Probably By A Lot. Buy Commodities" where I say the following:

The US dollar is being intentionally devalued, in part, due to vast and increasing fiscal and trade deficits due to massive government spending that is being substantially funded by "reserve money creation" by the Federal Reserve. Our currency is being radically devalued. Inflation is starting to show up EVEN in the government's lying statistics.

Just a little more supporting information of what our "incredible shrinking dollar" is doing in the commodities market:  


Anonymous said...

if inflation increases without the wages increasing it wont be worth working anymore.

Doug said...

I'm looking at a continued fall in the dollar, so world-wide traded commodities trading in US dollar will rise. That's my thesis. Look at my post below on the "Dollar is Being Devalued..."