Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Gen. McInerney Agrees With Me: Trump Must Crush Our Internal (and External) Enemies

General McInerney calls for martial law, tribunals & investigation of treason in a video at the website: Worldviewweekend.com

The general is fundamentally echoing my "radical" takes of our current situation and my (and other's) recommended remedies, please see my recent posts as follows:
From Mike Adams at Naturalnews.com, he gives a quick summary of General McInerney's comments. Brace yourself.  They are remarkably close to what I proposed back in August in my post "Only a Brutal Purge of the Left Can Save Us."

From Mike:
"General Thomas McInerney, who is openly calling on President Trump to recognize severity of the cyber war assault on America by invoking the Insurrection Act, suspending Habeas Corpus (as Lincoln did) and initiate mass arrests under military authority.

This call by Gen. McInerney, a highly-accomplished military veteran and loyal patriot, appears to be stemming from a realization that much of the existing government has gone rogue and is now colluding with enemies of the nation. State governors have gone rogue, court judges have gone rogue and state election officials have willfully engaged in coordinated, treasonous election rigging in order to achieve the overthrow of the executive leader, President Trump.

When government officials go rogue, and courts cannot be trusted, military authority can be invoked by the President, complete with mass arrests of treasonous actors, military tribunals that bypass the civilian court system, and the military seizure of all corporations that are actively working to undermine the United States of America. This would obviously include Big Tech and most of the left-wing media that has been complicit in election rigging and acts of journo-terrorism designed to plunge this nation into despair.

Further summary:
  • What took place in America was not merely “vote fraud” but rather “cyber warfare.” These were acts of war against America, using cyber warfare weapons and techniques to overthrow the government via a rigged elections process.
  • McInerney calls for President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, suspend Habeas Corpus, declare martial law and deploy the military to seize and secure all the voting machines.
  • Six to ten states were coordinated via cyber warfare to change the outcome of the election. “These are treasonous acts.” Russia, China and Iran were also involved, adding to the treason.
  • FBI and DOJ are completely AWOL on all this, not lifting a finger.
  • Chris Krebs from CISA was lying when he claimed the election was “perfect.” This is “complicity to treason” and Krebs is part of the deep state.
  • President Trump must declare a national emergency based on the EO from Sep 12, 2018, which names “foreign interference” in US elections.
  • Trump should also invoke the Insurrection Act. He must suspend Habeas Corpus as Lincoln and FDR have both done in times of war.
  • The Democrats, Russians, Chinese and Iran, have committed blatant cyber warfare against America.
  • The President must “start arresting these people right away, [under] this national emergency. I would declare martial law.”
  • Officials from five swing states were engaged in “pre-planning” of “treasonous acts.” Not just fraudulent voting, but treason. “They have tried to overturn this government.”
  • Chris Miller is in place at the DoD because “the military active duty is going to have to suppress [Antifa and BLM].”
  • The President should suspend the Dec. 14th Electoral College meeting, and the inauguration of the new Congress on Jan. 6th.
  • Estimates that 85 million people voted for Trump.
  • Military tribunals are necessary because the regular courts are not capable of sorting this out.
  • The treasonous actors should be arrested and charged, subjected to military tribunals. This is the only system of justice that is capable of functioning without the current level of corruption.
  • Suspend the inauguration until this election is fully investigated.
  • We the People demand this action from the President.
  • “This is the last free election we will have” if we don’t expose this election fraud. And Georgia’s runoff election will be stolen using HAMMER, Scorecard and Dominion voting machines.
  • The Georgia runoff election needs to be suspended until the election fraud is fully investigated.
  • “This corruption cannot be accepted. It is treasonous, and we must have a thorough investigation of it.”
  • The President must support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. These are domestic enemies. “Like Stalin says, it doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.”
  • America’s judicial system people don’t understand how cyber warfare works. So they are missing a real grasp of the crimes and acts of war being committed against the United States.
  • “The ownership and leadership of Fox News is complicit in a treasonous act.”
  • U.S. Marshals should have seized all the Dominion servers the day after the election and secured them as forensic evidence.
  • People who changed votes in the machines should know that they will be prosecuted for treason and may face the death sentence.
  • The government is tracking the conversions of ballots to votes. “That’s where the manipulation is coming in. We’re tracking that. We have that information.”


Anonymous said...

Since Biden and Harris want to open the borders (letting in massive amounts of third world savages) I'd be in favor of Trump declaring martial law and appointing himself emperor if that's what it would take to preserve our racial and cultural heritage and ultimately our civilization itself. I say this even if its proven w/out a doubt that Biden legitimately won the election. Anyone that's about to purposely turn a first world nation into a fourth world hellhole in roughly half a decade is a traitor and respecting the laws of such a system that allows this is utterly stupid to say the least.

Bigskyguy said...

I AM ALL FOR THIS!!! and I agree with every single word that the previous “commentator” posted!! I will never forgive the republican party for when they held the house and the senate they didn’t get no more done than I did. And all the shit they ran on under the disguise, flat out disguise! It was. Saying we need the house now that you gave us the senate to be able to get things / stuff done. Things like,

A. Defund NPR.
B. Defund the National Endowment Of The Arts. (which has turned out to be a flat out cesspool for the far-left to display what they, call art.

C. Repeal &- dimwitted GOP didn’t even have a plan available to replace it with. They could have repealed it but that would’ve been it. But as we know, that sorry piece of shit John McCain, screwed all of us and his President. That cock-sucker should have died in Nam. Another RINO he was.

And his ass led the charge to vote on repealing and replacing it all the years Obama was in office. Which was nothing more than a flat out, “publicity stunt!!” And of course back then speaker of the house was that other useless weak piece of shit Paul Ryan. I kept hoping someone back in his home state would run over top of him with either a Wisconsin logging truck or cement truck. This is just a taste, a small taste.

(What you see below is from an article on Politico about him.)

“ Ryan clashed with President Donald Trump recently after publication of the book "American Carnage," by POLITICO's Tim Alberta. "I'm telling you, he didn't know anything about government," Ryan said in the book.”

“Trump lashed out in a series of tweets, calling Ryan “the failed V.P. candidate” and a “lame duck failure.” Trump continued: “They gave me standing O’s in the Great State of Wisconsin, & booed him off the stage.”

(and that did happen they booed his ass off stage in Wisconsin and it’s in a video on YouTube. And when he walked up people started clapping smiling and yelling with joy. Sorry ass piece of scum. He is.)

Bigskyguy said...

I thought I would follow up with a quick note. As much as I would like to see this happen and there are millions of others on our side that would like to see it, I can almost guarantee you it’s not going to happen. And what I say next hurts, but, we cannot simply cannot allow ourselves to become “zealot,partisans.” we have to speak the truth even against the president that has been the best president easily in a baby boomers lifetime. If not farther back.

But the fact of the matter is there are several things that President Trump needed to do when he was in office that he wouldn’t do.

A big one was not taken so many battles. And knowing when to simply SHUT UP!! SHUT THE HELL UP. And I was all for him Tweeting because that was really the only way he could get his unvarnished words out for his base. But, being more cautious on what he tweeted about.

And he should’ve got rid of some of his relatives out of the White House and I was all for him keeping Steve Bannon... Please feel free to give feedback about this and add things to it on what you think the president needed to do while he was in office this time.