Wednesday, December 9, 2020

GA Democrat Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock Is Probably Another Fidel Castro Lover

What is with our black "leaders"?  They loved Fidel Castro. They gushed about Hugo Chavez for heavens sake!  It's not just American blacks, but blacks in Africa are very often under the sway of Marxism. The Marxist ANC is destroying South Africa and executing white farmers there as we speak. Obama was clearly Marxist in thought (don't kid yourself). He picked that up in Africa. It's just another reason that nearly all of Africa is a forever disaster.  

I've written a good deal about our black "leaders" lauding Castro and the horrible Hugo Chavez. They just LOVE their totalitarians! Geez. They really are a bunch of brainwashed idiots. Take a look at just a few of my posts:

 The Left, Michael Moore, US Black Leaders & Hollywood All Lauded Hugo Chavez and Castro

From William Lind: "It is now virtually impossible to be a Democrat and not embrace cultural Marxism. The Left is plainly and transparently Marxists now"and have forever hated what is good and pure in America, in part because of black support of Marxism. So many of our Black "leaders" in this country are sympathetic to Communist leaders like Castro as if they are some kind of savior. Blacks like Obama have encouraged and "caused" this embrace of cultural Marxism by the Democrats.  See my post:  Democrat Nihilism: Anti-white, Anti-male, Anti-straight, and Anti-Faith

This is just another reason why the Media is Flooding Your TV with Black Faces and Propaganda,  It's to put non-threatening, middle class-appearing blacks in commercials and on TV to give you the impression that THEY ARE JUST LIKE US.  

Those raised in Europe ARE just like us. But many, many are not.  Many don't even want to participate in our predominant and prosperous culture! 

The non-Europeans have a very different culture that's not the White European culture. They don't understand "western" values that we take for granted. The 18th century Enlightenment passed them by. EVERY IMPORTANT INTELLECTUAL, PHILOSOPHICAL, CULTURAL, POLITICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCE PASSED THEM BY. ADAM SMITH PASSED THEM BY. EVERYTHING IMPORTANT PASSED THEM BY.  It continues to pass them by hundreds of years later. That's why so many US blacks have minimal prosperity, culture or hope.  

And the TV propaganda is used to "fool" the US electorate to allow the election of endless Marxist black politicians like Barack.

Now word is out that Senate Candidate in Georgia, Raphael Warnock was an assistant pastor at the church that welcomed Fidel Castro to thunderous applause in Harlem in 1995. 

Georgia Senate Democrat Candidate Raphael Warnock.

In 2016, Warnock was speaking as a Castro apologist at the same church calling Castro's legacy as "complicated" There is no way any black leader in this country that will clearly disavow Castro in public!  Here's the tweet:


Bigskyguy said...

I couldn’t agree more with every word in this excellent article.

Anonymous said...

In less than a year the bulk of commercials on t.v. are comprised mainly of non white middle class couples which flys in the face of reality. The kosher blessed media oligarchs are doing a good job creating the illusion that we're all alike. This is complete bunk. Go to any neighborhood with a significant minority of blacks (and other non whites) and not only is the crime rate higher but these areas are pig stys. There's loud music playing at all times of the day and night. These savages just can't help themselves. They have no concept of self control or respecting the peace and quit of others.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are useless morons. Any ideology that promises them free shit is desirable. The mo' gibs the better...