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Leftist + Black/Brown + Islamist = Trifecta of Disaster

Ilhan Omar was flapping her lips showing her true colors again. From the Washington Examiner:

"As long as our economy and political systems prioritize profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out we will perpetuate this inequality. We cannot stop at the criminal justice system, we must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it," Omar said.
Airhead Omar and Shit-for-Brains AOC

She's making the mistake of thinking that Blacks are deliberately being "shut out" of the economy (which hasn't been true for 50+ years) and implying some kind of "Systemic Racism." There is no systemic racism-- just a cultural/intellectual incapacity in non-whites. See my post "The Left is Pushing "Systemic Racism", but the Problem is low Black Intelligence and High Criminality."

Like so many Africans and their descendants, Somalian Ilhan Omar has been steeped in Marxism as the "solution" to all of society's ills. We see the same thing in Obama and in so many Africans and African Americans.

Obama, AOC, Omar and Talib are creatures of the 3rd world "culture." These countries are 3rd world BECAUSE of  bad ideas of Islam and/or Marxist (leftist) thought (plus their relative incapacity). They will bring the same collapse to the US!  AOC will bring Puerto Rico's collapse to the US. Omar will bring Somalia's collapse to the US! Rashid Talib will bring the total collapse of the Arab/Muslim culture to the US! Obama tried to bring Indonesia/Kenya's collapse to the US. They can't help it! They don't have the intellectual and logical capacity to see this nor understand the reasons for massive success of the USA. They literally don't get it.

Only the unusually intelligent white, Christian, hard-working, self-organizing descendants of Northern Europeans were able to build our great, prosperous, democratic, free, peaceful and happy country until the Democrats began the undoing of all that in 1965.  The Pilgrims who landed on our shores were incredibly brave to journey to a new and unknown land and were able to build something out of nothing, self-organize and create an entirely new society and everything from scratch.

Obama Paying Tribute to Cuban Communists and Che Guevara
All of the Leftists are now on-board with the Green Socialist Agenda, which is led by the Davos crowd and Globalist actors who intend to undermine Capitalism and the USA itself. It's a political/cultural coup d'etat. These global warming alarmists want to impose draconian, Malthusian and even totalitarian control on everyone and everything in this country. This is in-line with Marxist designs on the US and world. But Marxism has an unblemished and long history of destroying everything where it is adopted. It is like a destructive cancer that can never be eradicated. It can't be eradicated because sociopaths running for office (or seize control) want that total power! And total power kills. Government kills. That's why limited government is (was) so central to the US Constitution and history.

Black (and many brown) people, Muslims and Leftists are particularly destructive to civilization. Their populations all have generally and comparatively weak minds; not sharp enough to see through the false promises and Utopian dreams of those who will wield total power against them. Islam itself is very authoritarian. Power kills. Government kills. Freedom is the only answer. Only the descendants of the Northern Europeans could see this.

But now, in this country, thanks to Leftists in colleges, grade schools, in the fake-news media and in politics, we've lost our ability to see this critical factor. We have allowed for a steady rise of a corrupted, flailing, bloated and failing giant government that is failing at everything, controlled by a military and pharmacological industrial complex, a deep-state who is trying to maintain their un-elected control of the Federal government and overthrow the recent presidential election, massive central planning, a huge surveillance state, an out-of-control central bank and an intentionally out-of-control mass immigration from the crime-ridden Central America.

Because of weak minds from Latin America, the Mideast and Africa, the masses now want someone to take control of their lives. It's an escape from freedom because they can't handle freedom like the founders and original citizens of this nation. Many minorities and an increasing number of spoiled whites now can't handle the demands of truly free life. They're not capable of self-organizing. They want a big government to provide for them. Politicians like Lyndon Johnson and all of his successors were happy to build an even bigger government to fill that demand. But the big government that they wanted is CAUSING cost of living to inflate beyond their reach, CAUSING the economy and incomes to stagnate, CAUSED industries to flee to Asia which diminishes incomes, CAUSING wild income inequality and has CAUSED economic instability!

So, the problem is really about Leftism, ie., culture, values, intellectual achievement along with the relative incapacity of both Blacks and Hispanics relative to whites of European descent. Very few can deal with this truth. Few want to speak this truth aloud because they will be shouted-down as RACISTS!!

In my post Epicenters of Ignorance, Bad Ideas and Destruction, I make the case that each of these groups, ie., Communists/Leftists and Muslims and African populations are the groups that have caused, and are still causing, enormous death and destruction in world history. 

I. Murderous Leftism/Communism

Communist/Leftists have killed some 100 million persons since the year 1900, which is a brutal effect of a movement that was designed by Marx to create a paradise of peaceful equality. Many of the deaths are internment camps,the effects of famine and terror.  The Soviet State and China are the main perpetrators in this total, but hardly the only ones.

From 1918 to 1953, the Communist Soviet government executed, slaughtered, starved, beat or tortured to death, or otherwise killed 39,500,000 of its own people. For China under Mao Tse-tung, the communist government eliminated, as an average figure between estimates, 45,000,000 Chinese. The number killed for just these two nations is about 84,500,000 human beings. From R.J. Rummel's Power Kills  This death toll is more than WWI (9 million dead) and WWII (15 million dead) combined, so the world wars have nothing on the communists in terms of death and mass killings.

II. The Greatest Murder Machine in Human History: Islam

The "religion of peace" Islam is probably the greatest murder machine in human history. It is estimated that 80,000,000 were killed by the conquest of India by Muslims between 1000 AD and 1525 AD.  Stats from Mike Konrad's piece in American Thinker and links provided there.

"A minumum of 28 Million Africans were enslaved in the Muslim Middle East. Since, at least, 80 percent of those captured by Muslim slave traders were calculated to have died before reaching the slave market, it is believed that the African death toll from 1400 years of Arab and Muslim slave raids into Africa could have been as high as 112 Million.

The African victims. The Indian victims. The European victims. Add in the Armenian genocide. Then add in the lesser known, but no doubt quite large number of victims of Eastern Asia. Add in the jihad committed by Muslims against China, which was invaded in 651 AD. Add in the Crimean Khanate predations on the Slavs, especially their women.

Though the numbers are not clear, what is obvious is that Islam is the greatest murder machine in history bar none, possibly exceeding 250 million dead."

Muslims are historically responsible for 10s, up to 100s of millions of deaths, due to their horrible but widespread "Jihad"ideology. They are truly the Medieval Death Cult and STILL ARE.

The killing continues unabated!! For example, since just 2001, there have been about 250,000 murders and another estimated 250,000 wounded from Jihadi attacks alone (a total which excludes war-related deaths). That equates to ~2 million deaths per century--NOT including wars! So, you can imagine how annoying it is to hear ignoramus Obama saying that 99.9% of Muslims are peace-loving. It's not true.

Muslim's ill-treatment of women is well-known, but their belief in mutilating the genitals of young baby girls is less known. In this practice, they are trying to literally eliminate any possibility of women enjoying sex. There as many as 125 million Muslim women living today have had genital mutilation. It is always found in Muslim dominated areas. These are sick people.

Another integral part of their ideology is their belief in "conquering" and dominating the world creating an Islamic Caliphate (of misery). I lived in Jakarta and saw an entire football stadium full of "mainstream" Indonesians celebrating this belief. Islam is a supremacist (and bigoted) ideology.

Hatred of Jews and Christians is part of their religion and has been since it's inception since it's supported by their Qu'ran. Remember that the Mufti of Jerusalem sat at the right hand of Hitler in WWII. And where there is Jew-hatred there is gay-hatred. ISIS threw alleged gay people to their deaths off of tall buildings ignoring any kind of due process or anything else that might be called civilized. You would be correct in saying that Muslims REMAIN the Nazis of our day.

Most of Arab/Muslim regions in the Middle East and North Africa are now in a cultural and political collapse. The Arab/Muslim culture is a disaster of self-imposed ignorance and emphasis on religious education, plus low intelligence, poor education, chronically failed economies and tyrannical/autocratic leaders. It's Islam that's the problem! Muslims TODAY remain full of terrible and ignorant ideas that bring nothing but misery and death to themselves and those around them.

Contrast this to the peaceful, prosperous Israelis--a population primarily from N. Europe. Or compare them to the hard-working white Christians that were able to throw-off the horrors of tyranny of 18th century Europe to create democracy and free capitalism and create the most free, most vibrant and happy civilizations in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

III. Africans and Their Descendants

Much of Africa (and the Middle East) are suffering from one or more of the following: poverty, stagnation, crime, murder, war, strife, decay, disorder, tyranny, misery or starvation. Much of Africa is poorly developed -- often Medieval or even Prehistoric. Africans have made little progress in hundreds of years.  Africa is in total collapse too. It's ruled by a bunch of fools, tyrants, homophobes and evil people. We saw that when Obama invited a bunch of African "leaders" to the White House.  What a horror show!

There are mainly totalitarian and/or insane rulers, kleptocrats, wars, violence, crime, the inability to organize farming or anything else, extreme poverty, droughts, total absence of education. Much of Sub-Saharan Africa has arable land and it usually rains, so they could produce the required food there- provided the rain comes.

This is all very, very sad. The tragedy is apocalyptic.  Black majorities elsewhere in the world are failing and collapsing also -- and none ascending. Every black majority city in the Americas is highly dangerous due to murders, crime, chaos and have poor health, lower life expectancy and widespread poverty. Even a large minority of African Americans aren't able to lift themselves up.  There is little evidence that any majority black community or nation on earth can develop any modern civilization or govern themselves, their communities or their nations.

From SOS-USA.Org Hunger in Africa, some 3.2 million children under the age of 5 die each year in sub-Saharan Africa. That's about one half of the world's deaths in this age group.  One of the worst hunger crises of the past 25 years was the famine in East Africa in 2011/12. In war-torn Somalia, 260,000 people starved to death, including 133,000 children under the age of five.

Some 226.7 million people are starving in Africa. The countries most affected by extreme poverty and hunger in Africa are mainly those located south of the Sahara.  In the sub-Saharan region, 40% to 50% of people live below the poverty line, meaning they have a daily income that is on average below $1.25.

The incapacity of Blacks is just a fact of life that few in the West can accept but it's so incredibly obvious. Africans, especially sub-Saharan's that have the lowest median IQs in the world--ranging from 60s to 80s. (In a way, IQ tests don't even apply here, so take this data with a grain of salt). It may take hundreds or even a thousand years for these people to close the intellectual gap--if ever.

US black populations also have low IQs (80s). In every population, there are a bunch of "nice" people, but "nice" people can be full of very bad ideas especially in the areas of politics and religion. Low IQ populations know nearly nothing, have little logic, suffer from poor impulse control and have average mental ages of adolescents. This can actually be charming except when it results in chaos, crime and war zones as we often see from Africa to Chicago. I have written about the high correlation of poverty and misery with populations having low median IQs. Also see my blog examining the lower IQs of US blacks and it's implications.

There are signs of hope. British colonies of Ghana and Nigeria had the benefit of the British educational system that has led to a significant number of Ghanans and Nigerians to get advanced degrees and prosper in America. It's actually amazing. But this brain drain is leaving Nigeria in squalor, poverty and suffering from Islamic jihad. Death and murder is massive in Nigeria. (I don't know about Ghana).

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