Friday, March 19, 2021

PCR: A Brainwashed West is No Longer a Home to Freedom

From Paul Craig Roberts "I Have Outlived My Country"

"I was born in the spring of 1939....

I grew up in halcyon days. In those days a person did not have to be brilliant or have ruling class connections in order to succeed.  This fact seperated America from the rest of the world in popular opinion. Americans lived in a land of opportunity. And it was true, not make believe. 

In Atlanta, Georgia, 5-year olds could walk alone or with neighborhood classmates a mile to school and a mile to home without being molested or kidnapped.  Boys could have fights on the playground without being arrested. Parents together with teachers dealt with problems, which were few. Teachers were outstanding.  There was no such thing as education degrees. Teachers had degrees in English or other languages, mathematics, chemistry, physics, history. They were people who loved their subjects and conveyed that to students.  

Misbehavior, which was rare, was dealt with a note home that had to be signed by a parent and returned the next day.  The last thing any of us wanted was a note home. There was no CPS we could call to complain of being punished for our misdeeds.

We got along well with black Americans.  They were part of even lower middle class white households. In those days labor saving machines were unknown.  Clothes were washed by hand and hung on clothes lines to dry. Meals were cooked from scratch with real ingredients. If mother was not present, Carrie was the boss, not us “white privileged.”  Carrie dined with us at the table, and if Carrie encountered a financial problem she couldn’t handle, my parents and her other day employers would pool our scant resources to help her. 

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, with no fear or hatred of black Americans.  This is no longer the case in Atlanta.  Many white Atlantans are fleeing the city.

It is not only the relations between the races that have deteriorated.  Everything has.  America today bears no relationship to the American world that I grew up in.  Of course, today the reply will be that I grew up in “white privilege.” But actually, I grew up in a community in which people and genders had different roles, and a person was judged by performance.  Performance included moral behavior.  If you were a moral person who did a good job and your word was true, you were respected.  Period.

Today if you aren’t a “woke” person who objects to gender pronouns and you don’t believe that the white working class are “systemic racists,” you are deplatformed and cancelled. White people are now demonized by other white people, and the demonized are not permitted to object. Any “person of color” can destroy any boss, fellow employee, university professor or dean by claiming to be “offended.”

In America today there are very few free people.  Only those not dependent on employment and media approval are free.  Even the few free Americans are in jeopardy as the expession of dissent is being defined by the Biden regime as domestic terrorism.

The media speaks with one voice, and the voice is one of denunciation of all who challenge the ruling narratives.  In America today media protect the mistakes and avariciousness of medical bureaucrats allied with Big Pharma, and the media shield Establishment narratives from scientific experts who are silenced by being denied a forum. Consequently, the pubic is informed only by self-serving propaganda that enriches material interests and increases government power over citizens.

The consequences are varied and disastrous.  With Covid there have been needless lockdowns that have destroyed businesses and individuals.  In foreign policy antagonisms have been created that could lead to disastrous wars with Iran, China, and Russia.  The focus of the Biden regime on defining Trump supporters, all 90 million American voters, as domestic terrorists implies a civil war. 

What I find most discouraging about America is that after all the proven deceptions Americans  have endured—the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the assassination of foreign leaders who refused to toe Washington’ line, the Vietnam War, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass deception, Assays’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, Russiagate, Russian invasion of Ukraine, the 2020 election, Trump insurrection at the Capitol—the list goes on forever—Americans continue to sit in front of CNN and the rest,  listen to NPR, and read the New York Times or Washington Post and, thereby,  continue to accommodate the ruling Establishment by consenting to being brainwashed. A people this insouciant has no possbility of survival.

A bainwashed America, a brainwashed Western World, are not homes for freedom."


Garland Remington III said...

This is so very spot on, and yet so very very sad. Because it’s all, so very true.

Kurt said...

Solzhenitsyn said 'We have forgotten God'. I'm sure the Bible was prominent during your halcyon days.

Doug said...

Yes, we have forgotten God. Like good Communists, God is being driven out of our schools, our universities, our public squares. A full-on Bolshevik (communist) revolution is underway in this country. The election was, of course, stolen and that was the dam breaking. It was either destroy the Commies at that point or it was over. It is over.

My post "Only a Brutal Purge of the Left Can Save Us" It happened in 1973 Chile. But I'm not sure it "saved" them. Although they have been prospering in recent decades.

As soon as Indonesia immigration opens again, I'm going to try living on a retiree visa in Bali. I'll keep you posted (literally).