Sunday, March 7, 2021

Whites Demonized, Reverse Racism and "Blackness" Promoted

Paul Craig Roberts is truly a man on fire these days. I highly recommend that you read his articles here

The illegitimate Biden regime has no qualms about making clear its hostility to the founding American ethnicity.  The regime is staffed up with sexual deviants, black extremists, and Jews who are hostile to “Trump deplorables.” The regime is carrying on a purge of the armed forces of troops that the educational system failed to indoctrinate against themselves. The First Amendment is being misrepresented as a “threat.” A domestic terrorism bill is on its way.  It will be used to brand those out of step with the controlled narrative “domestic terrorists.” War has been declared on white, Christian, heterosexual, traditional American males.  

And the rulers of this disintegrating country are already fomenting conflict with China, Russia, and Iran.  The question is whether the United States will disintegrate before it is militarily destroyed. 

Not All Blacks are the Same: There's Hope!

I go to a local 24 Hour Fitness gym about 4 or 5 days per week. It's a microcosm of the ethnicities of Houston. There's plenty of Latinos, some don't speak English. I often chat with them in Spanish and they really like that. They tend to be very courteous and happy. Recently, I met four Ethiopian friends that are taking fitness training lessons together. I've chatted with them and they are so delightful and full of life and light that I really want to invite them over to my house or take them all for a glass of wine.
This isn't surprising to me in the slightest. I've worked in several countries in West Africa and had really enjoyable experiences everywhere with the local people. They are so warm and quick with a smile. They love to have fun and joke around like I do. Sure, everything is a mess, incomes are quite low and crime can be quite high in those places, but there are plenty of fun people there.
I literally have a Lonely Planet guidebook for Africa on my bookshelf. I was planning a trip from Kenya to South Africa via Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and all the way to Cape Town, South Africa. It's still on my list.  (South Africa is now a NO-GO zone now due to white genocide underway there.)

I'm not racist at all. I give everyone a chance. It's just my nature and it's automatic. Mostly I'm not disappointed. But there's quite a few sorry-ass US black customers at the gym with bad ideas and habits. Some don't want to talk to an old white guy like me--not that many.

Immigrant Blacks With Exposure or Immersion in European Culture Prosper Mightily in the US

There's some amazing things happening in Houston and our nation with regard to some immigrant's amazing progress and success. Nigerians that have come to the US to get advanced degrees typically stay on after, get great jobs and make more money than the average white worker. It's a big trend and US (US Blacks hate them for it, btw)
Nigeria was colonized by Britain and has been independent for many decades now (but are still part of the British Commonwealth).  Botswana is doing quite well economically in Southern Africa: one of the few exceptions in that region of perpetual poverty and disorder. It too is part of the British Commonwealth.  
I believe these countries and their populations benefited significantly from the cultural and intellectual sharing of British and European culture during UK governance. The fruits of improved education during colonial rule is now apparent in those countries. Some European culture "rubbed off" on quite a few there. It makes a big difference. You can see a similar effect in Caribbean countries that have close associations with European countries and often have European civil servants.

But most African nations are mired in ignorance, poverty,
Multi-generational black families raised in Europe (not the recent immigrants there) can be remarkably integrated into the prevailing northern European and Judeo-Christian cultural heritage that we take for granted. You could say that multi-generational European blacks are not much different culturally than European whites. Their performance in school is nearly at European levels. It's very much a cultural thing that is at work here.  These folks often blend very well in the US, Canada NZ and Australia.  
Take a look at this transcript of an interview of a black woman with European roots married to a US white man: "Interview with a Red-Pilled Black Woman" from American Renaissance. Unless you knew better, you would never know she was a black lady. So, we're talking about the primacy of culture here when it comes to race relations, achievement, academic performance and even happiness.

The US Black Cultural Nightmare Is Uniquely Bad

While some black African immigrants are usually doing very well here in the US and are happy, grateful, prosperous enough and are well-integrated into the mainstream culture in America, US-born blacks tend to be strongly or completely outside or alienated from N. European culture: in music, in academics, in mathematics, in literature, art, architecture, etc.   
Many in fact want a separate culture EVEN TODAY.  It shouldn't be a surprise given our history of racism. But racism has been fixed -- THREE TIMES. In my post Whites Demonized, Racist BLM & "Blackness" Promoted: Re-writing History,  I mention the FACT that Republicans conquered slavery and discrimination THRICE. It was Democrats who fought against black freedom all along delaying their progress for most of US history..
In 1786, Slavery had to end within 20 years in the Northern States. Then, the Republicans fought and won the Civil War which ended slavery and established complete civil rights for Blacks in the South. Northern Federal troops enforced those freedoms. But in 1876, Southern Blacks were re-enslaved when southern Democrats called for and won the withdrawal of Federal (Northern) Troops that enforced civil rights and elections during Reconstruction in the South. Then, Republicans dominated the cause for, and the vote for, Civil rights for blacks in the 1960s
Democrats got "with the program" in the 1960s and decided to give benefits to disadvantaged persons with "The Great Society" programs in a real effort at reparations (and vote buying) for both poor blacks and whites -- with plenty of stipulations and unintended consequences that we continue to suffer--the most obvious is the collapse of the US Black family.

Those government programs/hand-outs have had a devastating effect on the stability of black families -- especially by rewarding unmarried black women with child support monies. Black women were able threw out their problematic black men and husbands, just like they sometimes do in Africa. But single-parent households are generally living in serious poverty (without 2 incomes).  
What followed is two generations of fatherless black kids that know no traditional family unit nor guidance and discipline that only daddies can provide. Up until the early 60s, there were daddies around. Now, they can barely be found. Worse, single moms are working to survive leaving the kids unattended, unsupervised and uneducated. The reality is that black kids need EXTRA attention, EXTRA supervision and EXTRA education and they are getting NOTHING.
Dad's are the ones that can counsel their kids to warn them and teach them how to deal with our militarized police departments:  ie., say yes sir, don't resist commands, be polite to officers to avoid being arrested. Without dads, nearly EVERY encounter with police officers and blacks becomes a huge problem that the blacks CAUSE due to their panic, their guilt and criminality and their attempts to resist and hide evidence of their wrong-doing, etc.. Police are totally "on edge" and nervous in every encounter with citizens of any color but encounters with blacks are especially fraught. Even so, police DO NOT kill blacks more than whites once you consider that blacks are interacting with police at 7 to 10 times the rate of Whites.
Blacks raised in Europe can be just like us. But our non-European, ie., US blacks, have a very different culture and history that's not the White European culture. They often don't understand "western" values that we take for granted. Some don't want it. The 18th century European Enlightenment passed them by: every important intellectual, philosophical, cultural, political, and technological advance passed them by. It continues to pass them by--- hundreds of years later--- in part because of their own preferences.  
Now we are forced to put-up with all sorts of bullshit from the Left and their followers. So rather than evolve and become more "western," this group just complains that they continue to be losers in our country.  
From The Problems With Whiteness, The Real Problem is Blackness, They think that objective, rational and linear thinking is Whiteness, therefore it's racist. Blacks call it racist because they have so little of this logical capability. Whose fault is that?? No one really. Music theory is racist because many can't understand the theory. Math is racist because they can't do it. BLM claims that intact family units are racist because they have so little of that. All of these things feel foreign to Black people. Blacks are rarely excel in STEM: science, technology, math or engineering. Many/most black kids can't understand any of this. That's why they call it "racist." They blame the culture or white people for their inability. It's really just an excuse.  It's really that they fail to understand that their lack of intellectual and/or academic ability isn't racism, it's just unfortunate. It's no one's fault, except perhaps their own attitudes. They are simply different.  If you look at Europe, it COULD eventually change.
Despite the "fixing" of segregation with busing of students, an attempt to end "separate but equal (unequal),"-- nothing has worked. And many US blacks have minimal prosperity, culture or hope.

US Blackness Is Un-Culture

What we have in the US is a sub-culture of blacks glorifying thugs, criminals and criminality. That's really a summary of the horrific Rap Music"culture" that 100% of US blacks listen---even worship. If there is even music in this genre, it's stolen from someone else. Gone are harmonies or even musicality, just rants from sorry-ass black dudes that are major league losers--most, not all. Rappers are murdering each other like crazy. Rappers must have the lowest life expectancy of any group in the world.

What we are seeing is a depraved and devolving portion of that population that is not advancing---it's DECAYING. And they want it like that.
In this cultural vacuum, US "Blackness" is un-culture. So much of US black culture is just endless chaos: slums, disorder, gangs, thuggery, criminal and thug "worship," drug dealing, violence, stupidity, murder and shaming the responsible blacks as "uncle toms" or too "white." They literally can't build up ANYTHING. They only destroy. They can't even pick up trash in their neighborhoods. It would NEVER dawn on them! I'm generalizing but you get my point. 
There are good and even great black persons in this country; the black "silent majority." I will never forget the time I saw Whitney Houston appear on Soul Train after the success of her movie "The Bodyguard." She was booed by a fairly large portion of the audience!  "She be too white!"  BLACKNESS is the real problem, not whiteness. 

Despite overwhelming evidence that many can't take care of themselves, there remains a large minority of black people in America who want to create a separate and black "culture." Blacks live in a subsidized state of "custodial care" in America, courtesy of our dwindling white culture.  Blacks and The Left cannot or refuse to see that US Government programs have actually hurt them.

US Black Un-Culture on Full Display

We saw exactly what black culture becomes when CHAZ or CHOP was established last year. Raz Simone, an Islamic, so-called  "rapper," appointed himself warlord-in-chief.. Within hours, violence commenced, whites in attendance were "shaken-down" and blacks confiscated "reparations"of $10. It was all shutdown due to chaos, fights, thuggish attacks, shootings and vandalism. This is US-style BLACKNESS.   
They are unable to go their own way with or without financial support from Whitey. If allowed to "go their own way," and they descend into chaos and murder, like most black cities have, then they complain about "RACISM!!!" 
Instead, the utterly failed and collapsed US black "culture" (really un-culture) is being held up as a shining model for our country and is, in fact, being IMPOSED on you. It's part of  a communist revolution underway in the EU, Canada, the USA and Australia under the guise of a Covid "crisis.

Propaganda and lies have been so effectively propagated that the political left in this country is utter deluded and detached from reality.  Any attempt to puncture their delusions is met with hysterical cries of "racism," "homophobic,"  "xenophobic." This is in part to the evil and insanely corrupt Madame Clinton, but also the feckless and destructive Barack Obama.

The radical Left and Democrats, basically the same thing, excuse all of this and even promote this crap because Leftists want to wallow in the past, and wallow in victim-hood and keep "ancient" history alive to complain and attempt to stay relevant.  The truth is that The Left is now entirely deluded, intellectually bankrupt , irrelevant and entirely destructive. They can't move on. They have to keep dredging the past in a vain effort to stay relevant --- but they're entirely NOT.


Garland Remington III said...

Every single word is 100% spot on. Every single white person should have to read this book. Because it’s spot on, right where our Nation is headed. “IN TO THE CANNIBALS POT.” By, ILana Mercer. Lessons For America, From Post-Apartheid South Africa. Please, please look it up. I’ve posted it on FASCISTBOOK, off and on several times and folks that bought it, hit me up on Fascistbook messenger and told me that it scared them bad, because they see everything that happened there and how it’s unfolding here. Is spot on.

Doug said...

Thanks for that. I don't think I want to read it Garland, it's probably too depressing. Besides I'm on that topic big time.

See: The Anti-White Party:
Democrat Nihilism: Anti-white, Anti-male, Anti-straight, and Anti-Faith:

Garland Remington III said...

Thank you. I’ll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Well done, as always. Blacks are the baby sea turtles of our sick civilization.

Anonymous said...

White WOMEN are bring viciously attacked and called Karens. Do you hate women? WHY ARE YOU DENYING THAT WHITE WOMEN ARE HATED EVEN MORE THAN WHITE MEN?!!! There is NO KAREN equivalent for white men! YOu are losingn me as a reader because you continue to deny that the hatred os targeted at WHITE WOMEN>

Doug said...

Anonymous, the article wasn't about men OR women, it was about the reverse racism insanity in our country in general. I can't think of anything in the article that was specifically written about men or women. I mean no slight against white women at all.

If you write me about your difficulty as a white women in our insane world, I would definitely post it. Please do that. My email address is in my profile.

I guess we should also be fair and think about all the black women who have to put up with useless, violent black men both here and abroad. I'm feeling there pain too. I acknowledge that you have a point that I definitely have not addressed. Please send me something to post. Try to be fair as you can, OK. I'll also try to be fair(-er).