Wednesday, August 5, 2020

All Because We Can't Be Honest About Black "Culture" and Intelligence

It may have been a mistake to integrate whites and blacks in the 1950s and 60s. I say that because 60 years later, both blacks and white are basically embracing re-segregation again. White families, when shopping for a home, look for "good" school districts or where there is a white majority of students. "Great" school districts mean 90%+ white. This is how white families are dealing with it. Blacks are happy to be in their own schools, but everything falls apart, standardized achievement test results are so low and abysmal that finishing high school is a problem for more than 50% of them. Many are already incarcerated. Only about 10 to 15% of the black student population is able to deal proficiently with 12th Grade work -- which one would presume to be a prerequisite to (real) college work. Black college kids were happier in Black colleges. Now they are miserable. 

Since desegregation, black kids have had to inhabit some of the same classes as white kids. It's really been destabilizing for them. It's destabilized society as a whole. What these kids are finding is that they can't compete with white kids and they are often completely lost.  It's like they are from another world.  They 100% cannot admit this inequality of ability, so all kinds of excuses must be made. Blacks continue to live in a state of 100% denial of their inadequacy or incapability in academic areas.

I get it. They don't and can't often understand math or trigonometry, therefore they don't want to do it and therefore they label it racist. Math is racist! Furthermore, I guess science, technology and engineering are racist too because there's a lot of math and linear thinking in STEM. 

From The Problems With Whiteness, The Real Problem is Blackness, objective, rational and linear thinking is Whiteness, therefore it's racist?? Blacks call it racist because they have so little of this logical capability. Whose fault is that?? No one really. Music theory is racist because many can't understand the theory. Math is racist because they can't do it. All of these things feel foreign to Black people. Blacks are rarely excel in science or engineering. Many/most black kids can't deal with any of this. That's why they call it "racist." They blame the culture or white people for their inability. It's really just an excuse.  It's really that they fail to understand that their lack of intellectual and/or academic ability isn't racism, it's just unfortunate. It's no one's fault. They are simply different.  

A black lady called into Larry Elder radio show and complained that Arkansas is so racist. Larry inquired what she meant. She eventually explained that "I can't find a job." So, this brainwashed black lady, likely with limited skills, conflated the fact that she couldn't find or qualify for a job as racism. Larry told the lady that Arkansas is a poor state and maybe she should live someplace with better employment prospects. This is how everything is racist now for blacks.

Every black boy and girl in America is required to go to Junior High School and High School just like white kids. There are truant officers to enforce this. In no way has the majority (white) culture failed these people. That they fail to do homework or fail to show-up to class is a problem with their own (failing) culture. 

The truth is that most black kids want to play sports, perform,write, sing or dance. There is nothing wrong with this! They should do and have what they want. I want black persons to be happy! 

But, unfortunately, STEM jobs are where the good, high-paying jobs are, but blacks rarely qualify. There are very few black engineers or software designers in Silicon Valley or elsewhere, so those companies try to hire blacks in less important jobs. I was a Chemical Engineer and saw very few black engineers in college or during my career. Fortunately most jobs in America don't require giant intellects. And there are many successful blacks in many fields and I'm happy about that!

Government programs have had a devastating effect on the stability of black families since Johnson's Great Society programs. Various welfare programs had and have unintended consequences. In the 60s, there were daddies around. Now, they can barely be found.  Ninety percent of Blacks cannot or refuse to see that US Government programs have actually hurt them. They only want more government!  And if they don't get them, then you're RACIST!!! So, they vote in mass for the party of Big Government (both parties are now guilty , but I still blame Communist/Socialist Democrats.) Those that cannot see this truth are, in fact, problems for this country--- white, black or brown.

Far too many African Americans are steeped in the losing ideas of Marxism. Obama had that. So many do. Many Black celebrities and politicians loved Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.  Many of Joe Biden's list of black VP candidates are Communist admirers. They are literally unable to see the disaster of Socialism. When Venezuela started burning and starving, all the Black politicians and movie stars were notably silent.  Anglophone whites invented freedom, but Blacks don't get it. I guess they really want a form of slavery. The sad reality is that they can't handle true freedom due to their incapacity and failed culture. Therein lies the eternal appeal of Marxism.

Problems of Whiteness?

In my post about the problems of whiteness, according to Smithsonian, "whiteness" includes individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, and respect for authority and delayed gratification. Huh?  Whiteness is supposedly a big stumbling block?  Doing homework, showing up to class is apparently too White. White emphasis on nuclear families is "whiteness" and is something that blacks no longer have. Also, the primacy of Western (Greek, Roman) and Judeo-Christian tradition are apparently very white and foreign for these people. We can see every day that many black persons have huge difficulty following laws or coping with ordinary requirements of modern life in the West. They can't deal with all the "requirements." They are often in trouble and get sent to jail or find themselves pinned down by police officers when they fail to obey commands and resist arrest. They are just too many (50%?) that are basically primitive. There's no cure for that.

”Holidays are “based on Christian or Jewish religions." So? Blacks are free to practice Voodoo or animal spirit worship instead like they do in Haiti. But everything about Haiti, the Haitians and Haitian culture is utter failure and catastrophe.  Every majority black culture, country or community, anywhere in the world, is in a state of failure or even collapse. That applies to East St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, or Baltimore or any majority black community. That's the reality today.

Black culture is about centuries of victim-hood and exploitation by Islamic and African slave traders for a 1000s of years, then at the hands of slave owners in the US.  The death toll for thousands of years of African slave trade is 100's of millions of black persons dead--usually at the hands of Muslims. Not that many, a few million (4 million?), came to America in the 1600s and 1700s --- small in comparison to widespread slave trade out of Africa for centuries prior.. That's their cultural heritage. It's too devastating to admit it's ramifications.

The Fantastic Benefits of White Culture! Embrace it people!

What blacks fail to realize is that white men in Philadelphia, Paris and London in the 1780s were debating and beginning to end slavery. All of the US founding fathers, including those who owned slaves, worked to end slavery as best they could. Slavery was phased-out in US northern states early on. British and French colonies began to move away from this practice from 1785 or so. 

But slavery was big business for many black slave sellers so slavery held on into the 20th century in Africa. Exporting of slaves was such a big portion of the African economy for many centuries. It's very unfortunate.  But White people did end this scourge. But there is little gratitude or even understanding of this"White" and "Western" achievement. It was huge and efforts to close the culture gap continues to this day. It basically went against Christian ethics.

Republicans ended slavery once and for all in the Civil War and established most of the freedoms for blacks that we know today. A decade later, the Democrats finally chased away Federal troops and imposed more Jim Crow laws and denied Blacks all the freedoms that were won---for some 90 years. Blacks seem to know nothing about this also. Do they know anything??

"In truth, America has made the greatest effort ever essayed by one race to uplift another. Reflect: In 1954 an entirely white Supreme Court unanimously ended segregation. Later it found the use of IQ tests by employers illegal because blacks scored poorly, then found “affirmative action,” racial discrimination against whites, legal (hardly oppression of blacks, this). An overwhelmingly white Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, the Voting Rights Act the next year. A white President sent troops to Little Rock to enforce desegregation. There has been an enormous flow of charity to blacks: Section Eight Housing, AFDC, Head Start, hiring quotas, set-asides, sharply lowered standards in police and fire departments. We now have free breakfasts for black children, then free lunches, in addition to outright welfare. In aggregate they resemble a distributed guaranteed basic income. Which is interesting.

These measures sprang from the best of intentions. Most I think should continue. Yet none of these programs has had its desired effect. The crucial academic gap has not closed, crime remains horribly high, illegitimacy verges on universal. This is a great shame. Blacks are decent enough people, likable if they don’t hate you....But it hasn’t worked.

Nothing has worked. There is no indication that anything will. The great black cities are in something approaching custodial care.

Democracies, however approximate, cannot deal with chronically under-performing minorities. They cannot even try. Anything that might help is politically impossible, and anything politically possible won’t help."

Because Democrats Can't be Truthful, Our Country Will Disintegrate

Again from Fred Reed at

"Social division will worsen after the riots. Racial hostility from blacks will not decrease because their conditions will not change. The rioters are getting their way now, and rule, but at the price of sowing hatred. At best we will have many decades of ugly rancor. At worst, we are winding the spring for another outburst.

Multiculturalism has not worked, quite apart from race, and will not. White Americans are not one people. The poor communications and bad roads that once allowed them to live almost separately no longer exist. In its writ-large form, trying to force West Virginia to accept the culture of Massachusetts will produce only anger.

The likelihood of amity between races is proportional to their agreement on values important to them. For example, the Chinese share (what once were) the white values of study, work, courtesy, and obedience to the law. That they eat with chopsticks and celebrate New Year on the wrong day doesn’t matter.

However, again for example, the Muslim culture that believes in female genital mutilation and utter subjection of women cannot live amicably with a culture that abhors these things. Black ghetto culture and white are immiscible in so many fundamental values that they will not live well together.

Some cultures can assimilate, for example East Asian and American white, Latino and American white. But, in addition to sharply different cultures, too many blacks live in sprawling, racially isolated urban centers with almost no contact with the outside world other than television.

Censorship will intensify, not just of communications and office chitchat but of books. Tom Sawyer will be pulled from bookshelves or—Amazon being the continental shelf—or bowderlized to remove the Nigger Jim and Injun Joe The Nigger of the Narcissus may survive because none of the blacks and few of the whites will ever have heard of Conrad. At least for the foreseeable future, firings for anything imaginably redolent of racism–saying “All lives matter,” for example–will be snatched at in a mixture of passive aggression and schadenfreude to result in firings. This is unlikely to have a happy ending.

Schooling: Watching great universities become sandboxes for unpleasantly righteous dimwitted brats galls, or does if one lets it. I don’t. Most of the protesters seem recently to have erupted from the drains of an educational system that has been in sharp decline for decades They, including the intelligent among them, appear historically not just ignorant but carefully misinformed, culturally pathetic, and intellectually laughable. (For example, a protester interviewed by a British reporter as to what she thought of Churchill said she couldn’t really say because she hadn’t met him. How many in BLM can spell “Confederacy”? A statue of Ulysses Grant was pulled down in the belief that he was a Confederate general. May God preserve us.)

The, uh, redaction of culture will not stop with books. Classical music is too white, the sciences too white, mathematics a tool of oppression (meaning that blacks cannot understand it) and so on. We have created a nation of pampered and imbecile peasants.

Schooling will continue its plummet. Science departments probably will not be abolished. However, because they are too white, schools will recruit hopelessly unqualified black students and professors, standards will fall yet more, and mathematics will be played down even in astrophysics (this is being done). Extirpating racism will replace scholarship, already degraded by the retirement or death of those professors who knew what education meant. This will inevitably result in lowered American technological competitiveness and prosperity. There is no hope of preventing this.

The replacement of learned professors by aging detritus from the Sixties antagonistic to scholarship is not surprising. America has had strong anti-intellectual undercurrent since its inception. The degradation will not be noticed by the young as they have never lived in a world different from their own, with Harry Potter and Toni Morrison thought to be literature. A liberal education was once the mark of the cultivated, being deep in languages, literature, philosophy, the sciences, history, mathematics,. Universities once had, at least among the better students, a love of open minded curiosity, thought, and debate. No more. Future historians will notice the shift, but those within it will not. We are left with a nation of morons who will not know they are morons.

This too cannot be prevented. This will be the end of the American dream, since nobody will remember it."  [End of Fred Reed's writing]

[Doug again:]  The country will be torn apart in separate regions mostly along political and color lines. Remember, Latinos co-exist with Whites easily due to shared European influences. There are many commonalities between Whites and Latinos. Latinos are not angry all the time---or carry a long-lasting grudge against the predominant White culture. They're happy to be in America.They like White people! They will continue to integrate and prosper. Black people, not so much.

Nothing can change when there can't be any real discussion. Nothing can change when we can't even admit the plain truths without rancor or disrespect.


OilFieldExecutive said...

Thank you for once again TELLING THE TRUTH!!

Anonymous said...

I call bull there are not many blacks
in many fields what complete nonsense unless
you can provide me hard cold concrete,crucial
imperative,physical,shredded,evidence & facts
statistics meaning show me what they made like
a black engineer making a robot that we have
not seen before an or making A.I that hasn't
been done prior. let alone a black in the chemistry
lab that did and or had ground medical break through
in both science an medicine or anything else for that